Democracy: National cold war

Democracy is possible only in countries with a large aristocratic class.

Democracy is not for people earning their lives from wages. If you are poor you better live in China than in India.

Democracy is the cold war between factions of local aristocracy. Because each faction is strong enough to disrupt social order and cause chaos, which only profit the poor.

Aristocrats hate disorder, chaos. They have too much too lose. While benevolent dictatorship or generational chaos are the ways to shake social structures and give chance to more people.

When it comes to election, the aristocracy has all the tools to give the illusion of choice.

Democracy is for cold war. But cold war is possible only when every party has too much to lose to start a war. They prefer unsatisfactory current situation to unpredictable change.

In countries with so many people who have nothing to lose, democracy would only add to current chaos and misery.

For the current global aristocracy, exporting democracy is a way to keep current world order intact, with the same people at the top.

One Response to “Democracy: National cold war”

  1. Hussien Neman

    I agree, people with equal interests level do not wage a war between them, that would only distroy their stakes and eventually put them out power, no wiseman would ever want to be in such a situation.


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