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The enemy from inside

The biggest enemy of our progress is the current African elite.

Who are they and how to recognize them:

1. They have achieved a social status by association with the colonial apparatus. It means if we will ban English or French in Africa tomorrow, they will lose everything including themselves. If you’d ban the import of foreign milk, coffee, soap, they will fight us, because they prefer everything that is not local. They have turned our alienation into a social status. Not speaking our languages, not dressing African, not eating African, not building African, not dancing African,… all mean you have moved to a higher social status. Not being or looking African physically and culturally is viewed as better and more desirable way, and the petty elite represents that model.

2. They believe in white superiority and black inferiority. They live in Africa but just like the British colonizers did. From their house to their garden, they eat, dress, talk, behave like white. They only thing that reminds them their africanness is their skin color, otherwise they are ‘white with black mask’, like Frantz Fanon put it.

Why don’t they reject their skin color? Simply because it is profitable. It gives them the mask necessary to identify with the masses, otherwise Africans had already rejected white colonialism.… Read more

Village Boy Joy

Village boy!

That’s how my friends affectionately call me.

The reason why I chose to live in countryside is because I want to be able to speak my mother language most of the time. 99% of the time.

I’ll speak colonial languages only when I have to deal with the colonial state apparatus here.

I’m depressed when I have to interact with any fellow togolese in French or any other colonial languages. It makes me sad, uneasy, hollow.

I feel good when I talk to people in my language, and the only place I could do that is in the countryside.

In Lomé the capital, endlessly people trap you in the colonial languages. I hate that.

Slowly, with group of friends we are doing our mother languages only whatsapp groups and social gatherings. You pay a $0.20 fine for every foreign words used during the conversation.

Furthermore, we are lobbying for making mandatory learning of any togolese language before a foreigner would get residence permit.

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Europe, A place of no Hope

Seriously, for Black people, Europe is a place of NO HOPE.

Europe has never produced a single black billionaire.

All black billionaires are from Africa or America.

I wonder if there are even black decamillionaires in Europe.

All black Nobel prize winners are either from Africa or America, except one.

Beyond their bright and colorful dress, most live in European ghetto houses, holding the lowest status jobs despite their diploma or impressive academic records.

If black Diaspora in Europe never amount to nothing except in sport/music, why do Africans go or stay there?

Even worst, the small number of Africans who achieve a little bit in Europe are Africans born in Africa before moving to Europe. Africans born in Europe have very low education level and even do worst than their parents born in Africa.

What could be a solution for the black Diaspora in Europe?

If you are African, smart, and not afraid of challenges, move back to Africa.

Africa is not easy, but after 3 years of focused effort, you will achieve more than all your 10 or 20 years at that place which is structurally hostile to black people and anti-black achievement.

When I visit Europe, some time, I go back to my room to cry.… Read more

Democracy: National cold war

Democracy is possible only in countries with a large aristocratic class.

Democracy is not for people earning their lives from wages. If you are poor you better live in China than in India.

Democracy is the cold war between factions of local aristocracy. Because each faction is strong enough to disrupt social order and cause chaos, which only profit the poor.

Aristocrats hate disorder, chaos. They have too much too lose. While benevolent dictatorship or generational chaos are the ways to shake social structures and give chance to more people.

When it comes to election, the aristocracy has all the tools to give the illusion of choice.

Democracy is for cold war. But cold war is possible only when every party has too much to lose to start a war. They prefer unsatisfactory current situation to unpredictable change.

In countries with so many people who have nothing to lose, democracy would only add to current chaos and misery.

For the current global aristocracy, exporting democracy is a way to keep current world order intact, with the same people at the top.

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Descendants of Barbarians are always much better off than the descendants of civilized people.

If you don’t believe me, ask the Germans and the vikings descendants. The current world elite is dominated by them from Washington to Vienna.

Or ask yourself why women like thieves, gangs leader, and muscular men than nice guys?

A famous book with African activists is Check Anta Diop’s ‘Civilisation or Barbarism’. The whole point of the book is to prove that Africans had built higher civilisation and we’re civilized long before the barbarians Europeans got out of their caves with blue eyes.

Diop thesis is fine, however it induced our people into the trap of believing Africans are morally superior, and unfortunately they spent countless hours in nostalgia conferences and talk shows, freezing themselves into the past, with reactionary behaviors.

Barbarism is a necessity. It’s the ideology of underprivileged nations in order to access resources and better off their future. Like capitalism is the ideology of the wealthy to beat inflation. Like feminism is an ideology for women’s liberation. Like patriarchy is the ideology of men to keep women away from privileges…

During the most recorded history, Barbarians always win against civilized people. Simply Because civilisation makes people’s fighting spirit to weaken as life enjoyment is preferred to endless wars or fights.… Read more

Pet humanitarianism and Prostitution

In this late stage of capitalism, the only hope for the poor is prostitution or pet humanitarianism.

Prostitution helps a lot to get necessary favors.

Pet humanitarianism helps clean the world of abject poverty.

Both avenues rob humans of their dignity, but you have to live before having a dignity.

Investing in real world knowledge is the best investment of the poor.

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Top 5 ways to get out of poverty quickly

#1. Marriage. Marry into a wealthy family. Love is very important but it’s something between you and your spouse. Kids need good material conditions, and life is too short to suffer all the times.

#2. Good character. Positive mind and willingness to put yourself through voluntary servitude to a lift master until you reach your big goal. Here you need to choose your master wisely.

#3. Politics. There is lot of money in politics and climbing the ladder in most countries is quite easy. The best book to get started is ‘The art of wordly wisdom’ by Balthazar Gracian.

#4. Trade. Selling stuff. The best career for poor is the one of salesperson. Invest in a good sales course. And start a small arbitrage trade business.

#5. Technology. Master a technology in top demand. IT is good. Security is better. Data mining is bestest. Here the secret is to be a packager coupled with marketing skills.

Good luck

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Strong women deserve some weak men

In the region where l live, it’s often that women own men, or ‘buy’ impotent men to be their house boy.

The reputation of the women is that they are very strong, dominant.

If they can’t find a rich man, they marry a poor man they turn into their maid.

If in contrary the man is rich, they would kill him after the kids are grown up, so that they could enjoy life alone with the heritage.

Matriarchy is as serious as patriarchy.

If muscles are the basis of patriarchy, knowledge of poisons is the secret of Matriarchy.

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