Tribalism is dead, long live Tribalism

The invention of the tribe called ‘white people’ had helped Europeans unite globally beyond their previous tribal affiliations.

Another successful invention of a new tribe is the one called ‘middle class’. It happens when people inside an economical group have more in common to defend than their affiliation to a traditional tribe.

Economical tribes come on top of the traditional tribes.

Tony Blair, the British war criminal, is adviser to my country government. The main pillar of his advisory work is to make PowerPoint presentation showing the growth of a middle class as the main tool for long term prosperity and faster economical development.

The main recommendation is a quote from Deng Xiaoping ‘getting rich is good’. The government therefore should help the emergence of a middle-class by letting people get rich without looking too closely.

Now, if you are Togolese, the best time to cook the system to become rich is now. The state wants you to become rich.

According to liberal theories, a modern economy needs a social class more loyal to making money, than loyal to a place of birth, a country, a tribe or nation. A universal tribe united by money!

Economical tribes are the new social construct, liberals are pushing in our countries as substitution to traditional affiliations.… Read more

African Activism Dead Ends

We’d be soon in 2021, and a lot of Africans still think Europeans enslaved, colonized them, and keep fucking them because they are black or because of their skin color.

That’s pure stupidness and ignorance. That’s a lie. That’s false to say and think.

Africans are not colonized because their skin is black. They are because they colonisables. They are because they are weak. They are because they easy to manipulate.

Japanese colonized China not because of their skin color, but because at the time Chinese were weak.

The mongols colonized the Russians not because of their skin color but because at the time the mongols were stronger and the Russians were weaker.

Cortez conquered Mexico not because of the Indians skin color but because his men were stronger and strategized better than the Indians.

Of course saying we were enslaved and colonized because we were weak and unprepared put the full responsibility of our plight on us. It means our situation is limited to historical circumstances and it’s our responsibility to reverse that.

However thinking that our plight is due to our skin color lift the responsibility from us to something outside of our control: our skin color.

As we cannot change our skin color this mean our domination is permanent, a fate or god will.… Read more

Protesting is dead

According to a Hebrew fairytale, an out of wedlock boy, refused to learn carpentry with his foster father, and started walking the street with a few dusty hustlers saying he was the son of God and he came to save the world.

The conservative elite warned him against corrupting the youth with his on drug message of being the son of god and fake performance of miracles.

Called upon the king, he disrespected the court and got crucified. Most his accomplices were later found and executed similarly.

That was almost 2000 years ago. And nothing had really changed until now.

Protesters will always lose to people they are protesting. Their victory may come but usually temporarily, the time for the conservatives to find ways to circumvent them or swallow them.

From the 99% Main Street movements, to the black lives matter; from the yellow vest in France to the metoo global movement; from Tiananmen Square to Arab springs, we got the feeling that protesting is dead as a way to obtain reform or change .

The modern state apparatus powered by technology and advanced mobs control tools, has now the upper hand against disruptive social movements.

From pervasive surveillance, to inaudible repulsive sound, and pepper shower, modern states reached a stage where they are unassailable by shouting mobs or Facebook posts.… Read more

Fake Leadership … Now you know… why…

A farmer grows chickens. He noticed that three chickens were laying two or three times more eggs than all other chickens combined.

As a good old time farmer, he wondered how he could make all his chickens lays as more eggs as the top 3 stars.

He decided to isolated the top three chickens and breed them for an entire generation of golden, bolt, super egg layer chickens.

Surprise, surprise. After the farmer isolated the the top three chickens, he suddenly discovered that they were not laying anymore more eggs than the other chickens in the other area. And more troubling, he noticed that a dozen chickens in the other area are now laying more eggs than the top 3.

The farmers called in an ornithologist for explanation.

The ornithologist told the farmers that the top chickens were in fact beating up, pecking the other chickens and therefore stressing them too much. Stress in chickens cause them to lay less eggs.

Lesson learned: the top 3 chickens were not laying more eggs than the others. They were stressing to much the other chickens, causing them to lay less eggs.

That’s is a very interesting illustration of the Europeans relation to the world.… Read more

Population size and resilience

Europe lost in 6 years (1939-1945) almost 50 millions people, but barely felt the pain and rebounded in less than 10 years.

China lost in 4 years, 45 million people to the great famine 1959-1961, but rebounded in less than 10 years.

Russia lost during 5 years 27 million people during the Second World War but was able the rebound in less than 5 years, blowing their first nuclear bomb in 1949.

What about Africa?

Africa lost about 17 millions people to transatlantic slavery (over 3 centuries) and about 2 million to Islamic slave trade, a grand total less than Russia in 5 years, but Africa is still incapable of rebounding from that lost which happened 2 centuries ago.

Africa population is still very skinny and dispersed.

The few area with sizable population are the only only ones which are thriving: Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, …

Population density and economical growth is very much related, and Africa is constantly failing on that ratio.

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Global championship of nations

Colonisation is a global game like the football championship

The best win. But they eventually lose their edge and got relegated.

The loser keep playing, learning the ropes until their time comes.

In history, there are no permanent winners and there are no permanent losers.

All populations of the world have been colonized. No exception.
And all populations have colonized. No exception.

Protesting colonisation or imperialism, would be equivalent of stopping playing the football championship and starting protesting why only some clubs are winning.

Anyone doing that would be seen as a stupid person. That’s how those who protest colonisation and imperialism look like.

You have been colonized. Fair enough, it’s because you were not competitive enough. You were weak, or caught unprepared.

What to do?

Learn the ropes and become the new master in town. Then Enjoy your 15 mn of historical glory until another underdog got your ass kicked.

That’s the game. The game of history.

Protesting colonialism and imperialism should be left to hustler activists seeking pity or humanitarian aid.

Those who are serious about their plight are head down, plotting, strategizing, concentrated on the game in town, keep studying the rules, master the ropes, await their time, and boom take revenge.… Read more

The rational mind and sleeplessness crisis

The most invisible symptom of modernity is sleepless nights.

More and more people are losing their sleep. Even here in Africa, the sleeping continent.

Some sleep only for a few hours a night. Some only one or two hours. Some sleep only until 2am and then nothing.

There are lot of studies on the global sleep crisis. But most ignore the biggest culprit: rationality or modernity.

People who heavily rely on reason to manage their life are doomed to lose their sleep.

The biggest flaw of a rational mind is the will to be in control and to have everything under control, imposing time constraints on everything.

Unfortunately, the rationality mind is very limited in its ability to do so, and goes into overheating, leading to headaches and sleepless night, and fragmented memory.

Unlike her twin sister, global warming, the global sleeplessness crisis is receiving less attention and suffering is very private affecting the quality of life of billions and destroying couples.

If you are having sleepless nights, you are not alone. Every other person in your city is having sleepless night too. It’s a pandemic.

There are drugs to help but they only work for some time. Because, Sleeplessness is a lifestyle disease.… Read more

African women wealth

Here in Togo Almost 100% women wealth, affluence, and high social status are built outside of the colonial apparatus, doing legitimate, value adding activities, and using indigenous, ancestral knowledge.

While there is almost no single man here whose wealth, affluence and social status is not derived from the colonial apparatus : the white man diploma, the colonial state, working for or with whites, speaking foreign tongues, dressing like Arabs or Europeans.

Reason why here, during the fight for independence women were 100% for independence, and the schooled boys of the Europeans were touting Togo was not ready for independence.

The most fierce, and active people for Africa independence and renaissance until now are the women, while our men are so dependent on white people for their survival.

It seems like our men don’t want Africa freedom. They just want to be good boys.

Reasons why the western governments and NGOs are massively targeting African women, under the disguise of human rights, to colonize them like they did for the African men. They want to break African women refusal of white colonialism.

What they don’t know is that African women are not stupid and weak like African men.

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Targeting the African woman

The white countries of Europe and America have zeroed on the African woman as a target to complete their evil agenda of taming Africa to stay a dominion for the white people.

‘If you want money now from the white people, create an NGO targeting the African women. There is a lot money, even more if you lurk into what they call reproductive health’ confided a friend of our family working for the biggest women sterilization and birth discouragement organization in Togo, heavily financed by Europeans and Americans.

Leveraging legitimate causes like :
– Family health
– Poverty alleviation
– Women rights
– Entrepreneurship
– Equality
Foreign NGOs from white countries flocked here with hidden agenda to :
– weaken and destroy African families
– Weaken and separate African men from women through radical feminism
– Depopulate african continent through hidden mass sterilization and birth discouragement through zillions of women organizations and governments
– Destroy traditional social links and replace them with monetizeable relationships

To succeed that agenda, the African woman has been identified as the last target to take over.

The church has already damaged the mind of most African women. The NGOs are now targeting the African woman womb they wish to cut off.… Read more

Good People, Bad People

How to know if you are a good person?

Good people have to remind to themselves that they shouldn’t forget themselves.

Their internal monologue goes like this ‘think about yourself, think about your family…’.

Selfish and bad people monologue is very much different. It goes like this ‘I should think a bit about others. I shouldn’t think only about myself…’.

What kind of monologue do you have with yourself?

The world needs both good people and bad people.

In the training of evangelical pastors, they are often advised not to wish for the death of satan, because satan is part of the business plan. Without satan the whole church would disappear. They kick him, crush him, insult him, but it’s forbidden to kill him, because good and bad are the two faces of the same coin, and none has absolute value.

May you embrasse your evil side like you wish to become a good person.

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