A Developed country and the others

A developed country is a country where foreigners are immigrants, are the poorest, are the exploited and mistreated ones.

A poor country is a country where foreigners have higher social status than the locals, are called expatriates, are wealthier, and date the nicest girls while exploiting the locals.

If you are poorer than foreigners in your country, your country is colonised.

If as a foreigner, you are richer than the locals, you are certainly part of a colonial enterprise, and happy helping colonize the locals.

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Peace of mind and never ending happiness

This is your ticket to peace of mind and never ending happiness

The world would always be in crisis. This will not change.

There has never been any time in history where the world was not in a kind of crisis.

The permanent status of the world is permanent crisis, and more crises after more solutions. Solutions becoming problems, and problems becoming solutions.

Don’t let that turmoil defines you. Don’t structure your life around fixing the world.

Give yourself the permission to enjoy yourself and having peace inside and outside.

You can self appoint yourself as a champion of a cause, but you should never give precedence to public affairs over private ones.

Be generous first to yourself, second to your family, and next to your immediate neighbors.

In fact, the world had been saving itself for millennia before you were born. The world existed thousands of years before humans and would continue to exist millions of years after humans would be gone.

If you’d die tomorrow, the world won’t crumble. If you’d stop everything you are doing now, the world would still spinning, and probably no one would notice your death except your dog and your cat.

Keep in mind, your role here is you, first.… Read more

Healthy people don’t need a doctor

Why you have to be very careful with christians?
Because they are following Jesus.

In the BuyBull, in Mark 2:16, Jesus said “Healthy people don’t need a doctor, but sick people do. I didn’t come to invite good people to be my followers. I came to invite sinners.”

That’s very clear. Jesus did not come for the good people, but for the bad people, the thieves, the criminals, the liars, the politicians, …

If you see anyone following Jesus, you know he is a bad person. The longer the person follows Jesus, the enormous is his badness or his badness is incurable!!!

Now, when I see everyone going to the church around me, I’m scared very much.

The more a country is messed up, the more Christians there are! Too many bad people!

Don’t leave your purse alone around a Christian.

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Romanticizing Sacrifice

Many things in life are too difficult to bear with without tricking humans to accept it.

Humans are lazy, but a huge literature has been constructed around work to romanticize it to the point where humans in majority now love to work. Some even kill themselves at work forgetting their own wellbeing.

Being in couple is difficult and very challenging. It’s very demanding to having kids and raising them. For any rational mind, the sacrifice that goes into building a couple, and having kids is beyond comprehension.

Reason why societies everywhere have constructed mythologies around family values, created fairytales around love and marriage, and romanticized the sacrifice necessary to bear with the brunt reality of building and sustaining a family. Because it’s a lot of sacrifice… for … only … vanity.

War is a folly where people who are engaged in are wounded, damaged, killed, but a big literature has romanticized war to the point where humans now engage in what they call war of choice. They want to go to war voluntarily…

It’s not only society that has to trick humans into things they might never like to do without romanticization.

Natures uses hormones to alter women and men perception to infatuate, fall in love, copulate, and keep using hormones to make them commit to raising their offsprings.… Read more

Knowledge loves money

Where is money, knowledge prospers.
Knowledge should be watered with money to grow.
Without investing heavily on knowledge production, like knowledge factories, everything you get is repetition disguised as novelty because the audience is ignorant of antecedent.

When thinkers are hungry they spend most of their time their insulting, critiquing, becoming bitter and bitter to irrelevance.

It’s sad to read thesis or papers at our university that are presented as research output, ignoring that those issues had been cornered like a quarter a century ago.

You read some philosophers presenting their so called findings which are mere repetition of half century old debates.

Knowledge is not cheap. Ignorance is.

PS: On the knowledge tree, there are thinkers, knowledge retailers and commentators.

Thinkers produce knowledge.

Knowledge Retailers are the intellectuals, they help spread it by repackaging it or just repeating it with formality.

Commentators are essayists and activists which interpret knowledge in the wildest manners without any kind of supervision or peer review.

We don’t have enough knowledge producers.

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Difference between science and non-science

The simplest answer is this.
Every topic that is taught at schools with the same content, with the same books in Moscow, Washington, Beijing, Teheran, and Bengal is science.

In the contrary, any topic which content, books and approach is different in Moscow, different in Pyongyang, different in Beijing, different in New York is not science but what Nassim Taleb called ‘construction’.

Science is universal. Math is universal. While sociology, economics, management, philosophy are political construction depending on the interest of the local power structures.

No country with enough intellectual stamina teaches other political constructions to its pupils and students.

Did you know that sociology was invented by western countries to counter communism? They even teach that stuff at colonial universities!!

The sad thing is that some people waste 4 years and more of their life studying political propaganda tools 😂 thinking they are studying science. 😂😂😂

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Joyless success or Joyful outcast

The world seems to give a choice between plague and cholera

1. Joyless success
2. Joyful outcast

If you are the kind who like social status, accolades, stamps and titles, you accept the sacrifices of a joyless success.

If you are the kind who give no fuck about stamps and respectability but also refuse misery, you go for a joyful outcast.

There might be some middle grounds and everyone has good reasons for every option.

The the most important is to be aware of one’s own choice to avoid split personality which shortens life, and deprive you off the best of each world.

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Behavioral Inheritance tax

There are ways of speaking, sitting, looking, acting, reacting, that are inherited from childhood.

Some are lucky to be born in families that left them with behaviors that create a virtuous circle around them. They’ve got a great behavioral inheritance.

Some are totally unlucky, they inherited behaviors that create a negative loop in a vicious circle around their life. They are constantly met with failure regardless of their efforts and goodwill. They are barely aware why they keep failing or struggling. They’ve got a bad behavioral inheritance.

The first group of people succeed almost effortlessly while the second is hindered regardless of their efforts.

Now, …

Imagine, boys who have never had a father figure in their life but have to assume a father figure role when they got kids. They’ve got no model in mind nor experienced the exercise of a father figure. They’ve got no behavioral inheritance here.

They desperately look up to books on parenting and hearsay, and often struggle very much at their fatherhood.

Imagine girls who grew up with their single mom, whose values were fierceness, independence, impertinence, forcefulness, defiance… all values which are adaptive behaviors to cope with raising kids alone.

Those girls might grow up taking those values as normal behaviors for a woman even when they wish to build a normal couple.… Read more

Home knowledge and school knowledge

In Togo, there is something called ‘ahome nunya’ which translates into home knowledge. Ahome Nunya is considered as the basic package of knowledge any kid should get from home, either from her parents or her tribe.

Any kid who failed to get that basic package of knowledge is considered an outcast.

Kids who lack that set of know-how and behaviors are insulted in two ways:

1. ‘Djimakpla’ which means a kid with irresponsible or foolish parents who failed to transmit the home knowledge. That insult targets the parents
2. ‘Kplamasse’ which means a kid who failed to listen to her parents and is displaying a lack of home knowledge. The insult targets the disobedient and maladjusted kid.

The home knowledge package here consists of know-how and behaviors like:
– how to behave in group
– How to talk to adults and behave in front of authority
– How to hunt or fish
– How to cook
– Hygiene and house keeping
– How to behave with girls or boys
– Body language
– How to speak harmoniously
– …

Often home knowledge is contrasted with what is called school knowledge or outside knowledge.

School knowledge is related to professional skills, industry knowledge, encyclopedic knowledge, etc.… Read more

European caste system

Don’t call it racism. Call it European caste system. Like in India.

There is nothing scientific about race.

If race was a uniting factor, Europeans shouldn’t be slaughtering each other in the millions every other generation.

What most don’t know is that Europeans have killed each other more than they have killed any other populations.

If race would be uniting factor, Africans won’t be killing each in the millions and the African Americans won’t be killing each other that much.

If race was a uniting factor Arabs won’t be killing each other so much, praying the same God inside the same religion.

If race was a uniting factor Chinese won’t have killed each other so much during the cultural revolution.

We need to stop the illusion of a skin color or race uniting Africans. It won’t happen but would deserve us.

People respond to better incentives than race or skin color. We need new ways of directing our efforts.

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