You'll Be Silent


If you are silent in face of what is going on in Gaza, for me it means …
You’ll be silent if slavery was going on today!
You’ll be silent if the genocide of the indians was going on today!
You’ll be silent if colonization resumed today!
You’ll be silent if the holocaust was going on today!
You’ll be silent if the American dropped again the nuclear bomb!
You’ll be silent if French or German genocide in Africa was going on today!
You’ll be silent if British troops were killing again 35 000 Sudanese in a day!
You’ll be silent if Russians would invade again eastern Europe!
You’ll be silent if Japanese were committing again their crimes in Asia!
You’ll be silent if America would start a racial apartheid today!

If your moral and solidarity depend on the race, religion and fortune of those who are suffering, then you have learned nothing from history.

Don’t be afraid like your government. Show a human solidarity with the people who are suffering regardless of race, religion, …

Silence is also a crime against Humanity!


About Mawuna KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of, Founder of, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at

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