Words from SiliconAfrica Readers

Isn’t SiliconAfrica like any other blog?

No. We are not in the business to please advertisers in order to make money but to change lives in Africa, to empower our people to become self-reliant, to challenge the state quo.

We received hundreds of messages every months from all around the world giving us hope and faith in our endeavor.

Here below are few of them.

“I have never seen anything like Silicon Africa. It’s unapologetically honest writing and investigative journalism is refreshing. I am a journalist for the Maroon Tiger at Morehouse College here in Atlanta, Georgia. I would love to start contributing as soon as I can.” – Nebiyu Fitta

“I came across your website and am really delighted and inspired by the work you are doing. Your work is sacred and we must not rest until we have collectively created the real Africa. this is our sacred duty untrusted to us by our ancestors and the creator.” – Tito Alai

“I have just listened to your interview on `The People`s Voice` and am so pleased to discover the content of SiliconAfrica. I have been writing a book about the underdevelopment of Africa and have found there is an even greater cover-up in the African media, even greater than the cover-up/silence in European media. So to find your site is fantastic. ” – Pippa Lawton

“I used to think i was the only one in the world who viewed Africans as consumers and not the masters of their destinies. As an Entrepreneur myself, I see so many gaps for wealth creation and development with employment opportunities for African youths. SiliconAfrica, keep it up. I must say that i was very impressed upon reading this article regarding profitable start-up ideas in Africa that you published in 2012. Your insight definitely empowers me as a young born and raised African.” -Michael Onukwuli

“I am impressed by the information I receive from SiliconAfrica.com, a much needed platform for information today. I have worked in the tech space in Nairobi, but want to go into social entrepreneurship, especially in the area of Agriculture and Agroprocessing. I would be glad to join you in any endeavors for training entrepreneurs as a trainer.” – Lacine Camara

“Oh, my god!!! If only the African leaders had your way of thinking or a whiff of such thought; the whole continent of Africa would be a better place.” – Graham Ingokho Muhanga

“Thank you so much for sharing your insights on siliconafrica.com and i can tell you that i am not only inspired but also challenged. I am originally from Uganda but living in the United States. Having graduated from public health and working in corporate America for a while, i realize that there Uganda and Africa need my skills” – Victoria Mutebi

“I’ve read a couple of your articles on innovation in Africa and find them extremely interesting. I am working on a project in government to support Innovation across all sectors in Lagos and what I’ve being trying to target is something along the lines of what you have been writing about” – Moji Rhodes, Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office, Lagos House

“I run a diplomatic community print magazine in Zimbabwe. We distribute bi-monthly to all Ambassadors in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South African including NGOs, Government, Professionals and Universities. I came across your work and research papers online and I am touched at your initiatives. I was particularly impressed and yet shocked by your discoveries on the Francophone Countries Tax issue. It is a sad reality that Africa needs to Think about and get out of. I am therefore kindly requesting for your permission to republish the article for our March print issue. – Marvin Madyara

“I read a text of you at www.dewereldmorgen.be (belgium) , I’m very surprised and glad that someone write the truth. The world need persons who write the truth about colonialism and exploitation.” Januario Silva

“I recently came across this website SiliconAfrica.com , and read some of your articles. I am also a young African from The Gambia, soon about to finish my graduate studies in Aeronautics Engineering from Taiwan, all my dream is to go back to my country and invest my knowledge there. I wish we have many people like you. I just want to tell you, to keep up the work and i will be a keen follower of your articles.” -Kebba Jaiteh

“Put your money where your mouth is African people, information is expensive not cheap. I believe in this brother, if we can all think like this brother , the African Renaissance will happen in no time . Everybody dig into your pockets and let’s keep this platform going… We are at war in this age of information African people. Nobody will change Africa but Africans.” -Koffi De Lome

“This site is one I consult on a regular basis and I think it is a very effective tool of education of our people. It seems to me that it is a very successful tool in our fight to emancipate Africa from all foreign impediments.” Imhotep Lesage

“I am so short of words to explain to you how grateful I am to you for putting this together. The points are so On point Mawuna, I have been thinking of putting together a training manual to help the youth in Nigeria change their mindset, teach them about who they are/should be as Africans etc etc etc. Articles like yours is really going to help me channel my thoughts. Don’t stop talking plssssss.” – Sandra Onarii Opusunju

“Thanks once more Mawuna for this stimulation and empowerment. You need to go on air with this brother, more people should become aware. We need strong African Presses that will serve solely to debunk the lies of Western press, and also go further to bring forward rich and inspiring information such as this to all of Africa. You can ask for funds and I will give without thinking! I salute you all my fellow Africans. Thanks again Mawuna” – Thomas Ngonde

“Since I started browsing the web whenever I read a good article I try to share with my friends, talk about the article, discuss about in the occasions but never tried to write to the author (I am lazy!). This time I must write.

After reading two of your articles, I just couldn’t do my ordinary tasks rather busy on thinking and sharing with friends.

Thank you very much for the invaluable information. Please keep on feeding with such priceless information to wake up others. You better run faster, if you can write books, before you die. I wish to join your planned school I am sure you gonna have it by 2017. Thank you very much.” – Mezene Worku


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Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of SiliconAfrica.com, Founder of Goodbuzz.net, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at mk@linkcrafter.com.

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