Why There are so many Churches in Africa?

Don’t blame the church.
Blame the entrepreneurs

A pastor told me 99% of his church attendees come for the fun, the entertainment.

Most confuse the cult with faith. They love the cult, but the faith is too difficult for them to practice.

Like the lonely guy who started going to the local billiard club to make new friends and have fun, but later got so addicted to the place after few years that he calls it “my church”.

The business model of the church here is to offer entertainment and hope.

Once the entertainment business would start providing affordable cinemas, tennis, bowling, fun parks, bars and nightclubs all around the town, then we would see only the real Christians in the church, like in Europe.

A friend said, offer free drinks and foods next to the church on a sunday, with a good swing high life music, and the cult would have to wait because the pastor would be the first to skip the church to taste the food and have some swing.

For those who want the free Africa from the church, please go into entertainment business and create places which delivers fun and the hope to get laid.

Blaming the church is not enough, because the church now fills the gap of cheap entertainment, and the hope of good life (if not here, after life).

Like in europe, once the entertainment business would start growing the churches would become empty.

The crowd wants fun. Everything else is just good alibi.

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