Why Does China has its Own Wikipedia?

Did you know that China has its own Wikipedia?

It’s called Baike.

Baike has 6 million articles, while the Chinese language of Wikipedia has only 940 000 articles.

The English language Wikipedia has 5.7 millions articles. A little less than Chinese Baike.

Beyond that, China has plans to launch in 2018 its own international version of Wikipedia, to counter the twisted pro western Wikipedia we currently have.

A friend just told she wanted to edit Wikipedia article on the Italian criminal Christopher Columbus.

The Wikipedia article said he is a conqueror celebrated by white people for giving them an entire continent to go live, but through genocide. The eurocentric article said Columbus is a conqueror. She wanted to change the entry to a ‘criminal’.

Unfortunately Wikipedia refused.

China knows few things we could get inspiration from. We should not let foreigners teach our history to our kids, and most soft sciences like sociology, economics, history are mostly propaganda done through academics.


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