Why African Men Are So Weak?

They get abused, picked on, harassed, enslaved by everyone!

They have poor and weak nations!
They hold no power as a race even though they are one of the biggest and oldest races on the planet….
Why is that?

Regardless of the reasons … the facts are …

African men are weak.
They are coward.
They have no balls.
Their balls are not hard enough.
They can’t defend their women, their land.
They refuse to fight.
They are afraid. Cowards men of Africa.
The only reputation they have is for having big Dick!

They’d do anything possible to escape their responsibility to fight their enemies.
They think praying some God in a sky will miraculously save them!

If God would save any nation by miraculous intervention, why then Israel, the chosen nation of God, has an army?

During the last 60 year, the West has lost all their wars in Asia, because Asian men are willing to fight, and defend their lands and culture, and they have learned how to structure their society to be impermeable to foreign invasions!

America has sent 150 000 soldiers in Afghanistan, with tens of other western countries armies, with the latest weapons and drones, but the determination of the afghan fighters made them understand that can’t win. Now they are leaving tails between broken legs!

With less than 500 French soldiers (don’t laugh), France is controlling Côte d’Ivoire a nation of over 20 millions people!

African man, harden your balls, get ready to fight.

You Can’t Keep what You can NOT Defend!


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About Mawuna KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of SiliconAfrica.com, Founder of Goodbuzz.net, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at mk@linkcrafter.com.

21 Responses to “Why African Men Are So Weak?”

  1. Shbkynn45 Shbkynpj

    You are an African man, and you are a shining star, knowledge is the biggest weapon a people can have, and one day they may use that weapon to free Africa. What about Magabe? And there have been others, that they killed, because he was not protected by the other black men. I will send a donation as soon as I can, I wish to see you secceed.

  2. Hank Wilson

    You have told the truth and nothing but the whole truth, and they can run, hide or cover their ears, yet the mirrors of reality will not allow them to escape their cowardice existence.

  3. Hank

    Hey, you know, the article ” Why African Men Are So Weak” it will not allow me to redirect and read your full story from my Facebook page anymore; I had no problem redirecting on May 31, 2014. Yet, here it is June 1, 2014, and now I’m blocked. Obviously your article has caused pain and made some uncomfortable with their so called manhood…

  4. Moe

    Excellent points and the same can be said for black men around the globe! It hurts but you can’t run from the truth of we won’t build nor will we defend.

  5. Natty General

    The views expressed in this article are only those of the author, and do not necessarily mean they are true. Much of the article doesn't make any sence,…but Ok,..we can all have different views on that topic. I personally believe that African people just never liked to entertain wars, so they did everything possible to avoid it…archeology findings proves that!! . . . until when the culture was stolen!!!! We don't all need to become warlords or 'gradiators'!!! Be careful not to get 'brainwashed' by 'the Master's tactics'

    • Amaakh

      Good observation! Remember, in the jungle, all animal fight for survival. The rabbit cannot keep dodging the Jackal or stay in the hole, but at some point, he would have to come out the hole and confront the jackal.Otherwise, he will perish in the hole. That’s the law of nature “Natural selection”

  6. Justin Case

    There is a huge problem with this article.
    African men has fought the hardest of any races and has proven to be Un matched on the battle field.
    Our endurance wisdom and compassion make us the perfect weapons.
    Although we are naturally physically and mentally superior when given the right opportunities and healthy living conditions we are completely unmatched.
    But the traits we don't carry is the absolute merciless brutal murderous mind set the other races have.
    As God has actually instilled a peaceful mind set in us were as we must be pushed to the limit before we go all out with relentless brutal force.
    We are not built to just go out and murder people.
    Even our black on black crime is mostly done by our brothers with distorted thinking from the use of drugs and the environment in which they were raised.
    Let's be grateful that we just don't have the absolute murderous mind sets as some others in this world.

    But I do agree at some point we must fight back and fight our hardest both mentally and physically to make change in this world for our people and those who have the righteous hearts regardless of race we must learn to unite form true unity and be willing to die for each other when necessary.
    But first we must police ourselves and our youth and instill and system of self respect and the respect of others along with self worth and a relentless fight to establish our selves as a people of one that will not tolerate the worldwide nationwide statewide countywide citywide and community wide or block wide murderous and financial injustices.

  7. Edward Tate

    Family! Family! Family!….I have come to the conclusion that, when we say (man), we are speaking of both, the male and female species of the group. Now, when we use the term (weak), contrary to majority Black belief, the term refers to the race, both male and female. But weak how? The Black Man, male/female, in my perspective is physically strong. So what do we mean by weak? Why do we use such terms towards ourselves? Whose judgement was it that the Black male is weak? And whose judgement was it that the Black female is strong? Strong How? And weak how? Is one side of any coin more beneficial than it's complimenting side? Or does both sides come together to form / create one particular value? I don't mean to write a book here, but to shorten this brief synopsis, we must deal with the issue of who is giving us our values. The Black male didn't impose this value of weakness on himself nor honestly did the Black female impose her value of strength on herself; though she willfully accepts them both at the detriment of her counterpart. So… Question: Why do we accept value of ourselves by (obviously our enemies) at the detriment of ourselves? SOLUTION: Stop the none sense and value everyone, everywhere all of the time,including our Black males, and no one will be mistreated: This do, at the detriment of our enemies.

  8. Šibanje Napuš

    How big is that African dick, I want to see it, show me you wuss! LOL.

  9. Justin Case

    True but we have fought on many fronts and continue to do so today.

    But if it's Africans killing Africans are we suppose to sit back and watch?

    • fj

      I so agree with you Justin.. cause soliders are doing their job and they go sleepless months together just to protect their home country and survive every condition.they giving their life. I think the writer him self is an African and how can he write such an article. I know Africans they are strong as any man on earth. I was so shocked to read such an article. I guess the writer as not travelled war countries. I’m very hurt with this article as this man is he writing it for fun or is he doing it cause he’s angry with Africans. He can’t write such a thing. I know how Africans are equally and dangerly they fighting the battle. Everyday a solider in Congo loose his life. There is a sacrifice from a solider that is why there are people like you me are sleeping peacefully. Imagine if soliders dint do their jobs then where would all of us end up. May lord have mercy on solider life. It’s tough to judge someone but hard to be there and face it. I love African solider equally to every solider from all the war countires.. Congo is an African country and there is a war every now and then normal citizens life’s are in risk. They living a tough life but Congolese are strong enough to face the war. I don’t know why would people simply write what comes to mind. And who gave him permission to update such an article. This ain’t fair and I don’t agree on the writer.

  10. Justin Case

    If to protect my sisters means going to war against another African then the job must be done.
    Regardless of what race that presents the danger.

  11. fj

    No Its all false Africans have tried best too a lot of wars happens in Africa and many people lost their life’s in this. This sounds like an racism article. This sounds like as if an Asian or some white has updated this. Do you even know how many Congolese lost their lives in this battle. Every nation every country as a solider fighting Thierry own battle. I’m sorry I don’t agree this article. Just visit Congo for more information you will see it on your own how many soldiers just died to protect their families our families I mean every ones families.. can’t discriminate Africans and talk on their balls. Every solider is a solider in every country. He does the same job of a solide.. please respect every solider in every country and have mercy please!

  12. Vincent

    France has many more military men in Mali, and they are loosing… I do believe Mali in also in Africa….. Maybe the Answer is that Muslim fight for their country…


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