Why African families give European Names to their Kids?

I’m ashamed…

I lived in Europe for 15 years. I have seen Europeans dancing African dances. I’ve seen Europeans singing African songs. I’ve seen Europeans eating African food. I’ve seen Europeans having sex with Africans.

But I’ve never seeing them giving African names to their kids.

African names are so inferior and savage that we need superior European names to become civilized.

Nowadays, 70+% of African families give alien, foreign names to their kids so that they would feel civilized and westernized, and hopefully have better chance of success in life.

Our names are now Harry, Brighton, Clemenceau, Hamilton, Angela, Leontine, Eduardo, Hugo …

The funny side of the story is when in an international meeting, an African stand up and say: “My name is Bright Simon from Ghana”, laughters are barely contained, and our Asian, Arab, Russian friends rolls their eyes in a never ending fascination for African alienation.

Do you think African names are inferior to European names?

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