Why Africa Independence?

I don’t understand why Africans wanted independence from Europe?

They said they wanted independence but kept everything the Europeans had brought to them.

They kept the colonial religions.
They kept the colonial languages, and take pride in speaking better than the Europeans.
They kept the colonial education system and books.
They kept the European political systems.
They admire the European culture, give European names to their kids, dress European, manner European, want European architecture style, and if not because of border controls, they all want to go live in Europe.

Why reject European leadership and rulers in Africa, and then willing to keep everything they have brought here.

If they brought so much good things, if everything they brought was so good, why then to reject them?

Was it because Europeans are white, and they wanted black rulers?

That’s just pure racism, if our independence just means a color swap.

Why to chase away the Europeans who are more knowledgeable in setting up and maintaining a western society values and lifestyle , and replace them by black rulers who have to learn how to copy the Europeans?

I don’t understand that way of thinking. Now we have to pay high salary to white expats to teach us how to westernize our society!!!

Do Africans really know what they want?

Maybe being under direct European colonisation is better.

Yesterday I was in Ghana.

The day before yesterday was Ghana 60th anniversary of chasing away the British colonial rulers.

They call it their independence day.

Independence from what and for what, I don’t know.

Ghanaian are funny.

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