Why there are no tribes in Europe, But only in Africa?

We have to careful about the words we use.

Let’s take the example of the word “tribe”.

During a recent discussion I’ve asked my fellow Africans “if there are tribes only in Africa?”

They all replied “No”.

Then I asked them to give me the name of few European tribes.

They were unable. Some pointed me to ancient Germanic tribes.

In fact, for Europeans “tribe” is a word to talk about primitives people or people they were calling uncivilized during the colonial period.

Unless you agree with the definition of “tribe”as primitive people, I wondered why would Africans would call themselves tribes, and talk about tribalism.

I’ve also asked my fellow Africans to tell me where else in the world people call themselves tribes and call tensions between themselves tribalism.

None of them were able to answer me.

Furthermore, Many talk about tribalism in Africa. I therefore ask them, where else in the world there are tribalism?

They don’t know.

Here is my call to you. Please stop using the words “tribes” and “tribalism”.

Those words belong to the white supremacy words invited in the 18th century to differentiate superior west Europeans from the rest of the world.

If you continue to use those words, you just agree on your inferior status as assigned with those words,  and voluntary perpetuate that status through your lexicon.

• My next lexicon deconstruction would come with the words “development” and “emergence”.

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