What are African men useful for?

80% of the agricultural production in Africa, and nearly 90 percent of food production, come from small farmers, who are mostly rural women. 

Women comprise the largest percentage of the workforce in the agricultural sector, from 50 to 60% depend on countries.

In West Africa, and in general in Africa, up to 80% of the labour force in all trade is female. Any visit to the stores and markets would confirm that observation.

Agriculture and trade are in the hands of women. And they still bear 5 to 7 kids through life to replenish our underpopulated continent. They also perform 99% of household duties.

Africa has almost no industry, no mass manufacturing, very little mining with mass employment.

Where are the African men working?

In the office? (We have broken administrations).

In politics? (We have the worst politicians in the world).

In the army? (We have not conquered any territory recently and our continent is under siege).

In the service business? (Most services on the continent require only skills one could acquire in less than a week).

What are African men useful for?

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