What are African Men Useful for? (Three)

Worldwide, women earn less than men doing the same job. In average 30% less.

In term of assets (lands, house, shares, stocks) women reportedly own only 1% of world assets.

In the Western world, women conditions are much better because of inheritance and marriage advantages.

Even if women in first generation of wealth accumulation own less, from the second to third generation, women possess as much wealth as men in the US, and Europe.

Polygamy in Africa makes African women unlikely to get any wealth transfer because of marriage. Their condition is further worsen by the fact that in many places, only men inherit lands and family assets.

Additionally, the impossibility to enforce marriage and inheritance laws due to weak states, make African women ability to acquire assets very unlikely. Men just seize family assets and get away with it.

Women poverty on the continent is not due to laziness. Women perform 80% of our trade and are up to 60% in agriculture.

Trade and agriculture still are African two main economical activity. Why then our women own almost nothing. Lands are owned by men, houses are properties of men, etc.

Tree factors should be considered: patriarchy, pregnancy and child bearing, and finally unpaid labor.

The main question still is how African men still can accumulate so much wealth while contributing so little to economical production on the continent?

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