Western NGOs Should Go. The Dark Side of the NGOs Business

China gave us another example of clever leadership.

Yesterday, “the Chinese gov. passed a new law that seriously restricts foreign NGOs and gives police broad surveillance powers over them. NGOs: non-governmental organizations. Think: human rights and environmental groups. Now, about 7,000 of them have to find an official Chinese sponsor and register with the police. The ones that don’t get approval will have to close shop. And the ones that do will be subject to things like random searches of their offices. This is seen as President Xi Jinping’s way of trying to clamp down on Western influence in China.”

Foreign NGOs are mostly evil organizations, which under the pretense of humanitarian work, serve the Devil.

China did the same for the churches. They are also evil organizations.

We all admire China, but do we have the balls to do the things they do to get their extraordinary results?

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