We need One Booming Voice

There will come a time
When black people wake up and become intellectually independent enough to think for themselves.
As other humans are intellectually independent enough to think for themselves
Then the black man will think like a black man and he will feel for other black people
And this new thinking and feeling will cause black people to stick together
And then at that point you’ll have a situation
Where when you attack one black man, you are attacking all black men
And this type of black thinking will cause all black people to stick together
And this type of thinking also will bring an end
To the brutality inflicted upon black people by (black people)
And it is the only thing that will bring an end to it
No federal court, state court or city court will bring an end to it
It’s something that the black man has to bring an end to” – Malcolm X

This is the Holy Gospel for the liberation of the minds of Africans across the planet. It is beyond a travesty that we do not listen the words of this brilliant man as he has given our people the blueprint for our liberation.

With that said, Black Americans haven’t paid any attention to the Xenophobic attacks that are going on in South Africa and likewise with the recent deaths of Walter Scott, Freddie Gray and Eric Garner in America. Here in the States many people are chasing the idea of mega consumption which is the personification of Black Americans here In the U.S.

I don’t know what’s the issue that keeps South Africans from acknowledging solidarity with their fellow African immigrants? Across the globe we are not thinking as one collective African identity. Five fingers opened are not collectively dangerous, but five fingers curled into a fist is lethal.

That is how we should collectively show support for one another, this was the reason why the ANC called itself the “Spear of the Nation”. The tip being the most lethal and sharp portion of the weapon. We as Africans need to understand that divided we are easy to be defeated but together we are impenetrable.

Here are some examples, here in the States, in january 2015 alone the american Police have murdered over 100 young Black Men in one single month.  Officers of the law have no hesitation when it comes to deciding lethal force against people of color.

In that same fashion there has been multiple occasions where Majority (White) people have endangered police officers and haven’t had a scratch on their bodies once the situation is controlled. Hence the term “ Black Lives Matter “ pause the sound around you and listen to those three words.

Now let me ask you this, Should these three words ever exist? WHY in this advanced age of technological evolution and human social evolution do we still have to remind the world that our lives measure up?

Its simple, the technological prowess of Western Society has surpassed its Spiritual and Intellectual Capacity.

To turn the tide against the micro aggression, police brutality and blatant disrespect for our people,  we will have to have a unified voice that booms out of every continent on the planet.

Right now it’s a whimper and a moan, a “ here we go again, they killed some poor little black child “. “NO” they are openly dragging the idealism of black people in front of your doorstep and telling you “You don’t matter on this planet “.

All of this matters even if you have no dog in the fight nor if your Nigerian, Ghanaian, Brazillian, Somalian or Black American. It is a blatant disregard for people who have given this world soo much that to simply laugh at the death of anyone of our people is abominable.

My Brothers and Sisters whether you are in the  Motherland, South America, Europe, Asia and of course America. The destruction of slums in Brazil the (largest number of Africans outside of Africa) affects all Black People on the planet. The plight of our brother and sister immigrants in Israel racist attacks affects all Black People on our planet.  South Africa’s Xenophobia affects all Black People on the planet. The unemployment rate in France amongst Black teenagers affects all Black People on the planet. The black lives killed in Chicago by other black people affects all black people on the planet.

Everything is connected, If the Asians have a problem they settle it in house same with the Europeans and Arabs. If we have a problem we look for someone else to fix it, this cannot or should never be the solution. I urge anyone of you to speak your mind about the injustices in North America, Brazil, Guatemala and Israel. If you have breath in your lungs, speak up and speak out. Until that time comes, we can never win collectively.

Would you be our leader? Would you carry our voice louder than the thunder?

United we will prevail. Divided we will perish. We are all Africans.


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