Voodoo will free you

The only time in history where slaves organized themselves to fight and win against their masters was in Haiti.

During 13 years, under the leadership of Toussaint l’Ouverture, the slaves organized to beat the French, the British and the Spanish.

Not only they free Haiti, they went further to conquer Saint Dominica and free their brothers and sisters there.

When asked why two centuries ago, without ships, gun factories, horses like the European powers the Africans slaves succeeded to win, all historians without exception pointed out to the fact that 60% of the fighters were newly arrived slaves from Africa who nightly would use Voodoo ceremonies to infuse faith and determination in the slaves soldiers.

The Creole slaves who were christened into obedience and were majority in the island were more reluctant to fight.

After the Haitians won the war, the Europeans powers with the help of Americans completely blocked the island and imposed harsh economical sanctions on the newly independent country.

Haiti was forced to sign an agreement to pay 21 billions to France for the lost due to the liberation of the slaves, transfer all its gold to France.

At the time Haiti was producing close to 70% of the world sugar, inhabited by about half a million people captured by Europeans in Africa and enslaved there.

The continued sabotage of Haiti until today is the result of events which happened two centuries ago.

As I’m writing this while all my country is at Church, let’s keep in mind that Christianity does not free people but help enslave them and make them mentally weak people.

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