Voodoo Principles

Yesterday, I made a quick presentation on Vodun Principles.
It was very popular and a lot of questions.

Here are the main Voodoo principles, extract from my presentation.

– Vodun is not a religion. (No one could Escape Reality).
– At the beginning was the Real. (Not Word).
– God does not intervene in Humain affairs
– No one could know God. God is outside of Human cognitive power or realm.
– Only a Direct knowledge of Nature gets humans close to God. (Revelation or truth outside of phenomelogy is no valid.)
– Nature (Habitat) has principles and laws (éssé).
– The principles and laws are the Spirits (Gbongbon). There are numerous Spirits (paganism).
– Discovering (trough trans) and living in harmony with the Spirits (konou) give power
– Accurate knowledge (Nunya) of the spirits of the real is Aze (Azéto).
– Evil and Good do not Exist, only Harmony is the ultimate law.
– Violating Harmony angers the spirits (Gble Konou)
– The Spirits should be made Real (Vodun), and Scripting language (ébo) is the mediation (Agbéssa) of the real.

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