Vodun Tourism

My country wants to promote tourism, which means attract foreigners to visit Togo and spend money here.

After lot of deliberation, the only feature they found that attracts the most tourists is Vodun.

Indeed Vodun festivals attract thousands of people to Togo. Also traditional ceremonies when our people perform our traditional dances, pray to the ancestors, enter the sacred forests, do libations are the most appreciated.

If Vodun is such a national patrimony, and such a great economical asset why not to give it national preeminence, like make our official swear on lêgba our God city protector when taking office.

Why not use Vodun priest as the National spiritual leaders, instead of Catholic priests.

Our president attend the funeral of Catholic bishop. I have even seen the front page of our national magazine ‘TogoPresse’ with a governmental announcement of the death of a bishop. And our premier minister attend the intronisation ceremony of new bishops.

None of such attention is given to our national religion.

Churches are not beautiful here enough to attract tourists. They are really hastily built with no taste. Go see beautiful churches in Italy, France, etc.

Muslims go to Mecca to celebrate their religion. The most visited places in Europe by tourists are churches. Hindu pilgrimages are big cultural and economical events in India.

No one would come to Africa to visit churches. Everyone knows Christianity is not African.

I’m happy our government recognizes Vodun as the top attraction of the country. Now, it’s time to give it that top attention, introduce it into our schools teachings, in our political life, and build a big Vodun temple and school to make things resounding.

May Lêgba protect Togo.

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