About Tutsi and Hutu: Who is Hutu, Who is Tutsi

In Rwanda and beyond, lessons for you.
Tutsi and Hutu are the same ethnic group or tribe. They speak the same language and share the same customs.
They are not two ethnic groups, or two different tribes.
Before the arrival of the European terrorists in the 19th century, a person could be a Tutsi this year, and then becomes Hutu the next year; and a person could be Hutu this year and becomes Tutsi the next.
Tutsi is an economical class, signaling people who have cows. And a lot of cows means a lot of wealth, and a higher social status. Few people achieved that status, therefore only a fraction of the population qualifies as herders or Tutsi.
Hutu is also an economical class, designing farmers or land workers. However, there was very little difference between farmers in term of size of the land one could develop and the harvests. A majority of the population qualifies as land workers.
If a Tutsi had his cows attacked by disease and lost them, he becomes Hutu. If he got into debt and have to give away his cows, he becomes Hutu, or farmer, as access to land is a natural right.
If a Hutu manages to acquire cows, he becomes Tutsi.
Briefly put, Tutsi and Hutu were economical classes, and one could move from one to another, depend on fortune.
Now, you’d be wise to ask me why then Tutsi are physically different from the Hutu? Specially, why Tutsi are taller?
The answer is simple: diet.
Herders kids have more access to milk, and meat. And milk had proven to be a food which changes the height of people up to 5 centimeters over a generation.
Briefly put, the milk diet of the Tutsi over generations had set their physical height different from the Hutu whose diet is more grain, cereals based.
Here, again, before the European terrorists came to Africa, height of people had no inherent value for dating or social/political status.
After the Belgian terrorists came to that region, Tutsi and Hutu had been separated into two conflicting tribes or ethnic groups, to the point where the started to kill each other.
Never repeat again the mainstream version of that history.

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