Truth is DEAD

(Philosophical stroll)

The success of a system comes less from how well the system is built. It comes more from the system ability to limit interferences from external elements.

Building a system focusing mainly on its function – what the system should do – would lead to failure, because it would break down often, because of negative interference, internal or external.

In systemic thinking, about 80% of resources goes to controlling interferences.

The above statement means, at epistemological level, that truth exists only in absence of immediate and high interference.

Furthermore, it means science is a laboratory truth. The bigger the laboratory, the bigger the truth.

In fact, truth comes from the ability to overwhelm external interferences. Reason why lies often use megaphones.

Truth is DEAD.

(This holds truth until you call me stupid).

PS: This also means, power comes more from the ability to interfere than the ability to perform.

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