Top Technology Startups In Africa

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While Africa has not been able to participate in major technological advancement and compete with tech startups with the rest of the world, everything is not lost. Mobile startups are gradually taking shape and it is slowly making a huge contribution to the world in general. Below are some of the top African startups with larger audience and or consumer base in Africa and the world.

  • Twangoo is South Africa’s leading group buying organization that utilizes the wide coverage of the web in order to create a unique platform for members. The site provides exclusive access to restaurant deals, spas, sports facilities, lessons, events, and others.


  • SnapBill is an computerized billing system that provide users the opportunity to sell their services online without difficulty.


  • Rupu is a group marketing tool that highlights on sale deals on various products and services from different companies in numerous industries including entertainment, health and beauty, food and beverage, insurance, and other types of products and or services.


  • Zoopy is the You Tube version in South Africa but with a twist. This is basically a mobile video infotainment application that carries video clips of the latest in news, entertainment, and sports not only from South Africa but from around the world as well. This application is designed for mobile use which is a good form of entertainment and information gathering for mobile users.


  • Mxit is definitely one of South Africa’s largest mobile social network.  This social networking platform has twice the number of users than Facebook in South African segment.


  • DealDey is a group-buying website that offers Nigerians the opportunity to find highly discounted deals on local shops, restaurants, and the like. This site highlights a daily deal on happenings and greatest things to eat, buy or see in Abuja and Lagos region.


  • is one of the most comprehensive job sites in Nigeria that focuses mainly on matching pre qualified professionals with the most suitable job opportunities.


  • Motribe is an online platform that enables users, agencies, product brands, publishers, etc., to supervise and control their mobile social convergence.


  •  is one the first and most comprehensive service portal in Nigeria that caters to Hotels, Flights, and Airport Pick Up services. This travel platform provides travelers the opportunity to make their research and set up a complete travel plan in local and global scale.


  • provides a secure and reliable online storage for private individuals as well as businesses where they can upload and safely keep important records, wills, legal documents, investment records, and others which they can securely share to other parties granted with access.


  • Ushahidi is an open source crowd sourcing tool. This application enables people to submit reports through text or email using mobile phones or Internet.


  • txteagle utilizes the model for crowd sourcing to collectively combine opinions and insights of consumers about individuals in up-and-coming and economies. Among the program’s operation was an application that allowed rural nurse in Kenya to send in reports on blood supply levels through texting.


  • Smsgh specialization lies in providing business level SMS solutions. They offer multi – system communication platforms suitable for individuals or organizations not only in Ghana but in other areas as well.


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