Top Tech Blogs In Africa

african-languagesContent created by Africans covering Africa news or history is less than 1% of the total amount of information available on the continent.

We need more local people creating content, because there is no better knowledge than local knowledge.

In this post, I’m featuring the top 24 tech blogs in Africa. I hope I didn’t miss any!

1. Mac-Jordan Degadjor Blog

Mac-Jordan Degadjor is literally the voice of a new African generation from Ghana. He has written for and has been featured in numerous publications, including The CS Monitor, NY Times and Future Challenges. He currently writes for Global Voices Online, and his blog contains a rich content worth reading.mac-Jordan-Degadjor


2. Mobility Nigeria

Mobility Nigeria covers Mobile gadgets, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Media in Nigeria and around the world



3. Technology-Africa

Technology-Africa is an independent online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology. Technology-Africa is fast becoming one of the most engaged online news communities in Africa and the world.



4. Tech Talk Africa

Tech Talk Africa is a technology blog that covers cover the world of digital technology, social media, mobile and web applications, product reviews in Africa and Beyond.Tech-talk-Africa


5. Techmtaa

Techmtaa covers Tech news in east Africa, and around the world



6. TechLoy

TechLoy is the most prolific breaking tech news site, providing analysis of web, mobile and social media trends within emerging West African markets.


7. HumanIPO

HumanIPO is a top pan-African technology news site, with journalists based in all the continent’s major hubs covering Africa’s technological revolution.



8. oAfrica

oAfrica is a showcase of the dynamic African digital landscape. The site covers information on how people in each African country are using the Internet.



9. VC4AFrica

VC4Africa is a pan African community of entrepreneurs, angel investors and early stage VCs building early stage companies. VC4Africa


10. AfriGadget

AfriGadget is a multi-author site that showcases stories of African inventions and ingenuity. The stories of innovation are inspiring.



11. PC Tech Nigeria

PC Tech Nigeria is a leading technology Magazine in East and West Africa. Published monthly, the magazine features personal and enterprise technology, reviews, interviews and research on ICTs in Africa.



12. WhiteAfrican

WhiteAfrican is personal blog of Erik Hersman where he writes about high-tech mobile and web technology change in Africa.



13. Memeburn

Memeburn tracks emerging technologies primarily in emerging markets. Memeburn pays particular attention to the web, mobile, social media, online media and social networking fields.



14. Ventureburn

Ventureburn is focused on telling the world’s startup news and tech entrepreneurs’ stories from the emerging market sector.



16. Apps4Africa Blog

Apps4Africa is Business contest for young african tech developers to submit their business ideas aimed at solving local problems through a series of brainstorming sessions held in six countries across Africa. Their blog has a rich content worth reading.



17. Afritech is the African hacker news, a link sharing community.



18. Innovation Africa aggregates the best of Africa tech and innovation newsInnovation-Africa


19. Afrinnovator

Afrinnovator was very active in the past, but Since last December has stopped publishing. Still their archive is rich of great content worth the time.



20. Otekbits

Otekbits is a leading media company dedicated to providing daily coverage of everything happening within the Nigeria & Sub-Sahara Africa Business, Start-ups, Social Media, Entertainment, Technology and Developers ecosystem.



21. Ventures Africa

Ventures Africa is a Pan-African business magazine and news service, which will champion African capitalism by celebrating African success, free enterprise, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the rewards of hard work.Ventures-Africa


22. TechMoran

TechMoran covers Africa’s disruptive technology companies, and gives them exposure to our audience of angels,developers,VCs and would be users for feedback.



23. TechCentral

TechCentral is the leading quality news and information resource for people involved in South Africa’s fast-growing information and communications technology industry and those interested in the fast-changing world of information technology. TechCentral


24. MyBroadband

MyBroadband is the largest IT Website in South Africa with 1 million unique monthly visitors, serving the local market with technology and business tech news and the largest online community in the country.MyBroadband



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