TOP 30 IT Companies In Africa

In a typical stock market valuation, the company’s worth is assessed mainly using the basic principle and that is the profit the company makes for its shareholders. In Africa however, where there is a different economic environment, the top fifty African companies is listed based on their productivity and profitability. This basic principle shall be followed even if the African market economy has not yet fully developed and the existence of different social conditions affects the driving force of economy.

Below are the top companies in Africa centered in IT development.

  1. M-Net – The company is a South African based pay television. This is Africa’s biggest pay television service that offers a twenty four hour programming with crystal clear signal all over the countries across the continent.
  2. Mobile Telephone Networks is a mobile phone service provider that operates across central and southern Africa. MTN has become one of the most popular and successful companies by offering a service crucial to the economic and social development of Africa.
  3. Grintek is also known as GEW and is a South African system engineering firm specializing in electronic support and supplies electronic systems to various telecommunications company. Grintek Ltd is also a communications contractor and offer electronic service for power utilities in South Africa.
  4. ISP Kenya is an internet service provider that introduced the Family Friendly Services and ISP Family Net in 2001 which is basically a service that allows parents to filter offensive sites like drug forums and porn sites.
  5. Dimension Data is an information technology firm which made to the top ten leading IT service providers in June 2000 of which the ranking has been rated via the company revenues.
  6. Dimension Data Holdings is a South African based company that also specializes in information technology services. Their operations stretch to Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Americas.
  7. Eskom Enterprises is based in South Africa and through Esi-Tel, the company’s telecommunciations branch planned the construction of fiber optic cable from South Africa to Europe.
  8. Vodacom is another mobile phone service provider in South Africa with an aim to create and operate a GSM cellular network and offer bulk airtime to service providers all over South Africa.
  9. USKO is one of South Africa’s leading IT company that provides quality networking solutions and other related IT services.
  10. Softline is South African company specializing in computer software development.
  11. Sage Group is one of the leading global suppliers of high end business management software and other related IT products and services centered for small to medium business.
  12. is an internet portal and is one of the leading news and information platform in South Africa.
  13. is a news website based in Mauritius that offers African news and other related information to a global audience.
  14. Africtek is a consulting company that builds computer software and is based in Togo and Ivory Coast.
  15. MAGAZET ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD is a South African based company known for its influential market penetration and a leading force in Document Imaging Industry.
  16. Jobserve Africa is a web portal that provides recruitment and employment services in South Africa.
  17. Ensign Solution services business entities based on a wide array of Microsoft technologies.
  18. Donez Associates Nigeria is a graphics company that also offer CAD services.
  19. Infosage Ghana Limited Subsidiary Of Gracintel Ltd is an IT firm that specializes in providing quality IT solutions for every organizational need.
  20. Shaunphonetech is a Finland based company with a re-established branch in Nigeria. The company focuses on main products like high end mobile phones and laptops among others.
  21. CyberTracker Conservation is a non profit organization based in South Africa that develops handheld data capture devices. The company’s flagship  product is known as CyberTracker 3 which is a free to download software available at CyberTracker website.
  22. IDXOnline (IDX) was founded in 2001 and is an industrial solutions firm based in Johannesburg South Africa.
  23. Santronics Electronic Instrumentation Division distributes manufactures and designs innovative surface mount electronic test equipment.
  24. Caseray Solutions is a Web Information Technology company that operates in Lagos Nigeria and provides web development services including web animations, web advertising, and a whole lot more.
  25. Nitsak offers web development, custom software, graphic design, and e-marketing services and is based in Druban South Africa.
  26. Craft Silicon is a Kenyan based financial solution provider of Microfinance software, Mobile and Switch solution and banking software for the global market.
  27.  nCodedev Labs designs and develops highly efficient web applications and websites using the latest tool available in the market. Alfred Rowe Jr. is the company’s CEO and Lead Programmer.
  28. Hutspace is a software company that designs, conceptualizes, research, develop and distribute open standards based technology solutions.
  29. DreamOval was founded in 2007 and is one of the leading companies that provide mobile software services. DreamOval is focused on making Africa technologically sufficient where mobile and internet solutions are world class.
  30. Dynamic Visual Technologies (DVT) is focused on developing and implementing software applications and other related services.

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