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It has always been interesting to know the top websites in Africa. There are different factors to consider when rating the top websites but most of the time; the volume of traffic a website receives will determine its overall page ranking. But there are other categories to consider as well. For one, the popularity of a website based on links and the overall visitor attraction must be taken into consideration as well as some of its paramount characteristics like web content, design, relevance, navigability, user friendly features, and security among others. As internet use becomes popular in Africa, there is also an increasing number of African people who are spending most of their time online looking for entertainment, news, and information in general.

In Africa, among the included top 25 sites are websites dedicated for online shopping, networking, banking and information gathering like news websites. Below is a short list of top sites in Africa based on regional searches.

  1. bidorbuy was launched in August 1999 and is one of the largest online marketplace in Africa which facilitates online trading between sellers and buyers.
  2. News24 is an online news service that offers 24 hours news delivery. This serves as the as the online arm for Naspers newspaper group.
  3. Vanguard is the internet based counterpart of Nigerian daily newspaper which covers issues associated in politics, businesses, and national news in general.
  4. The Standard Bank of South Africa is one of the biggest banks in South Africa.
  5. Nairaland is among the biggest Nigerian discussion forum that covers topics like romance, technology, business, etc.
  6. is an Egyptian political party representing the opposition.
  7. First National Bank of South Africa provides banking services that range from personal, commercial, to corporate.
  8. El Khabar is an Arabic newspaper with translated news reports.
  9. Independent Online is a South African classifieds and RSS feeds that focus on sports, business, regional and world news, motoring updates, and other information database from independent newspaper groups and wire services.
  10. Absa Group Banks is a commercial bank that offers a wide range of banking services including internet banking.
  11.  AL Masry Al Youm offers current news in Egypt.
  12. is an online retailer of various gift products and other items such as books, music, DVDs, games, and electronics.
  13. is an online sports websites where users can get all the lastest sports news and other information.
  14. offers online portal for jobs, careers, opportunities, school scholarships, business advice and salary discussion forum in Nigeria.
  15. is a Nigerian newspaper with a fondness for a ‘British Tabloid’ type of journalism.
  16. M-Web offers complete travel services from booking facilities to holiday reservations, etc.
  17. offers searchable news archive.
  18. Daily Nation offers news about politics, business, sports, photos, videos, and blogs in Kenya and Africa in general.
  19. online directory with complete links to Sudanese websites.
  20. PriceCheck is a South African based comparison website.
  21. Vodacom is a GSM cellular network
  22. Google Mauritius is the local version of Google in Mauritius
  23. offers latest news and information about Ghana regarding culture, business, government, education, etc.
  24. is a Nigerian social and entertainment community.
  25. Mail & Guardian offers local and international news with a weblog section.

But when based on link popularity, the playing field for websites is changed. Links often play a major part on the reputation of websites. If data is based on link recognition, different names will appear that is why it is difficult to collectively state which websites should make it to the top 100 sites in Africa. Below is the list of websites based on link popularity.

  1. is a newspaper group in South Africa with 79,905 links.
  2. is a South African online news paper with 76,347 links.
  3. is a South African university with 64,489 links.
  4. South African based internet search engine with 42,962 links.
  5. is a Sports TV channel with 39,405 links.
  6. is an online Kenyan newspaper with 39,040 links.
  7. is a mobile phone company in South Africa with 38,766 links.
  8. is an internet portal with 34,910 links.
  9. is an entertainment portal with 33,202 links.

10. a stock market in South Africa with 32,165 links.

Other websites in Africa that made it to the top list include

Based on global ranking, each country in Africa has one or two websites that make it to the top rank. In Egypt, the number one website is which is a media download site with a global rank of 480. Others are as follows:

  • Algeria –, a news website with 1206 global ranking.
  • Nigeria –, a forum site with 2424 global ranking.
  • Tunisia –, another forum site with 3474 global ranking.
  • Ghana –, an online classified, news, forum, social networking, etc. with 6248 global ranking.
  • Cote d’lvoire –, an online news and ecommerce website with 7266 global ranking.
  • Kenya –, a new website with 8142 global ranking.
  • Madagascar –, an internet company and news website with 11720 global ranking.
  • Senegal –, an online chat, forum and news site with 12714 global ranking.
  • Cameroun –, an internet service provider with 13526 global ranking
  • Morocco –, a news site with 43672 global ranking
  • Mauritius –, a mobile and internet services company with 48861 global ranking.

More often than not, new sites as well as online forums represent the typical high traffic sites. Media download sites are also making headway when it comes to ranking and high traffic rate although news sites and other information pages are commonly searched out by people who use the internet for information gathering.

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