Top 10 Countries In Africa Regarding Technology

A study conducted by the Africa Business Panel showed the top African countries that have the potential to become technology hubs in the future. Echoing the reactions of over 800 business professionals across the continent, ten countries in Africa have been chosen to become technology hubs within the next five years. Among the key players in the African ICT segment will be the South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. The survey, in line with the opinion of eight hundred business professionals with involvement in Africa showed that these three countries are marked down as among the favorites within the continent to become part especially of the ICT sector. The remaining seven countries that include Egypt, Ghana, Rwanda, Angola, Botswana, Uganda, and Zimbabwe conclude the ten African countries past the fifty three economies on the continent.

The Top Ten African Countries As Future Technology Hubs

  1. South Africa
  2. Nigeria
  3. Kenya
  4. Ghana
  5. Egypt
  6. Rwanda
  7. Botswana
  8. Angola
  9. Uganda
  10. Zimbabwe

According to the survey as stated by Whenkeremma Okezie, the CEO of Geomarine Systems Limited in Nigeria, South Africa is highly advanced when it comes to ICT technology as well as in infrastructure and culture. It has all the possibility for positive growth in the coming years which will be enough to prevent economic shocks. Nigeria on the other hand is quickly growing its ICT mores and the infrastructure growth is also promising. Although power remains to be a challenge, the country has the population to sustain business opportunities already available from within. Another country increasing its ICT growth is Kenya which has the advantage to have local talent with a drive for innovation which can maintain the intense growth in the sector.

Caesar Onejeme from Business Development at Fleet Technologies Limited said that “Ghana is more like a rising South Africa, with a very stable political and economic system. The country also boasts a far better security position than the two countries earlier mentioned.” On the conditions of Rwanda, James Njorge stated that it is, “a country that has shown hunger for anything that can boost its growth and the government has lent the ICT sector a hand by partnering with non – profit organizations that have shown interest.” Njorge is a Financial Consultant for Pan Africa Life Insurance Limited in Kenya.

When it comes to IT development and IT startups, Africa is fast adapting the changing environment ensued by information technology from communications to computer hardware manufacturing, packaged software development, and Internet based services  among others. And while there are fewer supports coming from central governments across the continent when it comes to fostering development in the IT industry, private companies and new business startups will play a key role in improving the technological sector of the continent.


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  1. N'kond Nsoni

    Very interesting technological perspectives which are going to impact on the African continent, on a single French-speaking country Rwanda!
    The scientific and technological distribution always has a starting point. The african english speakers on this point are ahead of the African french speakers.
    The lack of vision of the youth of French-speaking Africa is due to its alienation, which consists in considering that the model to the world comes only from the former colonizing power.

    This situation leads even neglected positive ancestral values. The languages which served formerly to pass on this cultural substratum, without which, the continent would be a ground without civilization and devoid of History. It is always possible to restore our place in the History of the humanity. We have a big contribution in the evolution of the world. It is necessary to resume the studies on antique Egypt and to get back all the cultural heritage plundered and displayed in the western museums to reconstruct our history.


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