The Reality of Racism


Black people should ignore white people view on racism. Most don’t know what is racism. For a majority of them, racism exists without racist white people carrying out the violence of racism. And, for a much bigger majority talking about racism is just another intellectual debate not much different from their last comments on TMZ about Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton nude pictures.

On the other hand, for a majority of black people, racism is not an intellectual debate, but a dire reality of humiliation, condescendence, intimidation, harassment, direct violence, passive aggressive attitude, discrimination, denial of opportunities, all those the act of white people in ordinary life or in positions of power.

I lived in Europe for close to 15 years. I have been victim of violent racial aggression a dozen times by white people, and half of these aggressions happened in Helsinki (Finland) in spring 2012, during 6 weeks only. Overt racism and passive aggressive behaviors were so pervasive against black people in the city that I felt pity for the ones I’ve seen living there, almost in a caste society, as worst as in India.

Once I asked few white friends of mine: “how many times have you been victim of a violent aggression by a black person”. All replied never. I did the same unscientific survey with my black friends. 3 out 5 had already been aggressed by white people. And, all 5 have been victim of a form or another of white racism. In fact, I have yet to meet an African who has not been victim of racial abuse coming from White people, living in Europe or America.

Most White people would deny racism.

The usual ways well-meaning white people deny racism or display solidarity with racist people in their community come in the following phrases:
– there are good and bad people everywhere
– black people too are racist
– it’s not all white who are like that
– stop playing victim, racism is something of the past
– we are not living anymore in the 60s
– Arabs too are racists against black people. Chinese too
– it’s because of ignorance
– I don’t see color

If you have a friend who does not condemn without excuses racist acts from their community members, Please never call them again a friend because they are not your friend. They don’t care much about your suffering.

The fact is that Without a wide spread public condemnation of racism by ordinary white people, there is no way racism would stop. Because it’s white families who teach racism to their kids. There is a lack of real condemnation of racism by a majority of white people, and ultimately, the usual instinctive solidarity with racist people in their community makes fighting racism almost impossible.

Now ask yourself, Why don’t we dress and speak like people in the 19th century or 18th century?
Because our parents were not dressing or speaking like our fore grandparents.

To survive and prosper, racism is taught by white families to their kids. No one is born racist, kids which become later adults learn the racist ideas and reflex from their families, relatives, and friends who happen to have parents too.

Like James Baldwin put it “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but have never failed to imitate them.”

“Kids are definitely taught to be racist. I hear it from my daughter about kids at school. They repeat statements made by their parents. Whenever parents comment on a “bad neighborhood” that is actually just a black neighborhood, whenever they discourage friendships with black kids, when they comment on news stories – they are reinforcing negative stereotypes and promoting racism. Often people are not very subtle either. When the secretary at my office comments on this black person, this Asian person with accompanying comments like “what do you expect…” Kids love their parents and they know how their parents feel about this or that group and to a certain degree they excuse their parents’ attitudes. And it goes in. Repeat something often enough and it goes in.” commented Josée Fonseca

Only peer pressure in group, in communities and in media would stop racism. Unfortunately, most racist people are easily excused and surprisingly find warm solidarity from their peers.

For my fellow Africans, please listen to me. Racism is not your problem. You can’t fight it. Get out of all the movements or associations which fight against racism, and instead create your own community empowerment groups and ideology.

Only white people could fight racism. If they’d stop teaching it their kids, and quit sponsoring it, racism would disappear. Don’t get distracted by the sporadic media condemnations, the lip service of politicians, and the hypocrite liberals only interested in domesticating you!

As a recent economist tweet put it “White people want to believe racism is behind them, whereas black people know it pervades their days”

Don’t expect any pity.
Don’t expect any favor.
Don’t be distracted by speeches.
Make yourself strong enough to be feared or loved.

The racist thugs in Paris Metro warned you: “We are racists. And that’s how we like it here”

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