The priest and the talkative woman in the church

It was a Sunday. The small Catholic church in our area was full. The young priest was buoyant.

He paraded the aisles of the assembly with his long white robe, condemning the sinners, the thieves, the liars, the prostitutes, the money lovers, the sex and alcohol addicts, asking them to confess and repent immediately, or suffer eternal condemnation in the hell.

He was on something, very strong, hammering his point, repetitive and he was very much close to abusing his position to humiliate the church goers.

At some point, a lady in the assembly got frustrated, highly irritated, and stood up to the priest and said ‘stop yelling at us. Didn’t you sleep with me yesterday. Wasn’t I in your bed last night. Don’t shame us like that.’

‘woooooooow’ was the chorus anthem which resounded in the whole assembly.

The woman started crying, then exited the church lonely.

The priest was speechless, stunned, then said ‘the devil would always try to halt the God divine mission. Let’s pray for our lost sister soul’.

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