The New Barbarians

The New Barbarian will come from the South.

Until the 20th century the Barbarians were always from the North.

Cold and hungry, envious tribes from the North, would attack southern tribes to steal and conquer.

The Greeks attacked the Egyptians. The Romans attacked the Greeks. The Hun and the Germanic tribes attacked Rome. The Mongols attacked China. The Yoruba attacked the Igbo. Etc.

Southern tribes were always afraid of their barbarian neighbors from the North.

Uniquely, from this new century, a shift is occurring, though imperceptible. The new poor are globally from the South. The Northerners had became the new rich, and the southerners had been hardening their heart, developing more aggressive self indoctrination ideologies for revenge.

It’s only a matter of few generations that southerners would start attacking more openly northerners who in contrast would become weaker because of extended period of wealth, and cynicism.

London, Paris, Berlin, New York will be attacked, occupied and sacked by southern neighboring tribes.

It’s just a matter of time, because without exception all prosperous tribes had ended to be conquered by their poorest neighbors in a manner or another.

The terrorists of the last five centuries were northerners. The new terrorists will be southerners, and no nation ever lasted in face of prolonged terrorists attack.

The wheel of history is just turning. No one can stop it.

Is there any mental model to escape the spiral of the scarcity mentality?

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