The Medical Fascism Of Ebola

holy-waterTraditional healers, herbalists, those gifted in the art of true medicine, were burned at the stake in the medieval times of Europe. The Roman Catholic Church wanted people to only spend what little they had on buying `holy water` blessed from the font by an ordained priest.

Times have not moved on as the giant pharmaceutical corporations have replaced the `holy water` with not only packaging but contrived side effects, contracting a patient for life.

According to a Sky News report of September 2014, a well-respected traditional healer who was involved in the treatment of Ebola patients from Guinea is being held responsible for infecting 365 people in Sierra Leone and the authorities are now `tracking her down`.

Martial Law and National Shutdown as experienced by Sierra Leoneans are also results of medical fascism. Since when did an outbreak of a disease call for 3000 American troops on the ground in Liberia? And since when did any government have the right to treat sick people as criminals and forcibly remove them from their homes?

A mother, a woman,  died on 12 September outside the JFK Medical Centre in Monrovia, an American sponsored hospital in Liberia. Her name was Comfort Doe. She collapsed and died before being admitted and her body was then treated as a contaminant.

A man in a spacesuit sprayed her with disinfectant. Her body no longer belonged to her family. Comfort Doe`s niece was only allowed to watch from a distance. She tried to remind the man in a spacesuit of his humanity and called out “She is not an Ebola body! Would you do this to your Ma or Pa?”

Comfort Doe did not have Ebola she was a long-term sufferer of diabetes and needed insulin not disinfectant. This is called Colonial Care.

The rage and sorrow felt by Comfort Doe`s family led one of her daughters to say the following words of truth and grass-roots real news from West Africa…on the government of Liberia and its foreign puppet masters…”that are rich people.We are the poor people. Nobody cares for us. You don`t love Liberians. You don`t love us. But you love our money.” (film clip on The Washington Post, `New Effort to fight Ebola…`

These people are not even being tested for Ebola but guaranteed after a few days in a quarantine death camp, they will certainly be sick.

Another country with Ebola outbreak is Guinea. Given that Gabon has not yet been issued with quarantine death camps it leaves the question of where are the authorities actually taking sick people in Guinea who they are forcibly removing from their homes and explains why reports are circulating about the violent resistance from the people undergoing this witch-hunt.

In a state of national shutdown just how are people to get to the markets for their daily groceries? Just how are growers to travel to markets with their produce? But the isn`t that part of the plan, isn`t that where the good old humanitarianism comes in and dumps 10 million tonnes of genetically modified food into an economy and health system, both already fragile?

Another headline from Ebola was `Man Bitten by Ebola Patient Flown to Switzerland’. Western readers will be assured that every conceivable care is taken with Europeans infected or even possibly infected. If the patient that did the biting did have Ebola, they make sure as hell he would not be up to biting anyone or anything as it is an utterly debilitating disease. As it turns out the biting patient was no more than a very small and terrified child. I am not a child but I personally would still try to bite anyone who tended to my needs dressed as a spaceman.

The symptoms of Ebola are similar to Cholera and Lassa Fever and other haemorragic diseases. For one thing Cholera is easy to spread and has itself been used as a bio-weapon for over a century in South Africa. That it was used by the South African apartheid government was documented by the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission.

In Sierra Leone, which has some of the largest deposits if iron ore in the world, two British based mining corporations are operating in full swing since the end of the civil war. And there was nothing `civil` about that war nor were there 2 opposing factions in Sierra Leone at that time. It was yet another foreign war for resources. London Mining and African Minerals are both paying between 3-6% tax to the government of Sierra Leone.

The so-called former colonial powers of Liberia and Sierra Leone, UK and USA , are finding millions of pounds and dollars to build quarantine death camps called `community care centers`. All that money now unlocked and unleashed to serve not the suffering of a disease but another agenda. What this agenda does clearly involve are the rocketing stock market values of pharmaceutical corporations such as Canadian based Tekmira that has been `working on` an Ebola vaccine. Stakeholders in the vaccine also include the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention,USA), the American Department of Defense and Monsanto.

The millions of aid money now being found could have been spent on building infrastructure and industry in Sierra Leone, Gabon, Liberia and Guinea.But to raise the standard of living in these countries is as history makes more than adequately clear to us, not on the agenda.

We can only wait and hope for our brothers and sisters that this particular agenda does not include further depopulation of these countries already with microscopic populations.

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2 Responses to “The Medical Fascism Of Ebola”

  1. Inez Sylvester

    OMG! Is this a new form of warfare unfolding in Africa in order to get around direct warfare but to achieve the agenda of the colonialists?

  2. Kariuki Anthony Kiragu

    Considering how Goldman-Sachs, courtesy of Hank Poulsen, did in Lehmann Bros as well as their cooking the Greek national economic books, the story here, involving African wealth, is almost certainly true.


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