The Manuscript Lost in Accra

Paulo-CoelhoPaulo Coelho, The Brazilian author of “The Alchemist”, still was a teenager when he told his parents he wanted to become a writer.

His father, who was a mechanical engineer with a successful career, was so scared, and thought his beloved son was having a mental disorder, and got him interned in a psychiatric hospital for 3 years.

In his twenties Coelho wrote a sweety, hoty, bangy and kicky lyric for a local Rock Band that got the whole Rio de Janeiro’s Youth so excited that the local Police put him into jail for some time.

The first publisher of “The Alchemist” abandoned him after the book barely sold one thousand copies.

Coelho managed to find a new publisher, and the rest is history.

“The Alchemist” went to become a best seller with more than 30 millions copies sold, and the book is now considered to be the most read book ever in human history.

With his new book “The Manuscript Lost in Accra” Coelho is going to Africa for more adventures.

Coelho is very active on Facebook, and you can follow him here: Paulo Coelho, to receive his chicken soup for the soul from time to time!


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