The Best Technology Articles – 2013


Countries which missed the industrial revolution ended up to be all colonized.

In the same order countries which will miss the digital revolution will suffer the same fate, and invariably will suffer the consequences for a long period of time.

Here are the best articles we have written during the last months regarding technology and technology entrepreneurship in Africa.


The Best Data Mining Tools You Can Use for Free in Your Company


How The Mavericks Think And Hack in Richistan!


Top Tech Blogs In Africa


Why China and Russia Banned Google from their Country?


How to Escape Foreign Spying Programs


Forget the Internet, Education Through Radio is Bigger, More Affordable!


Entrepreneurship is NOT about Innovation, But Commercialization


From a Carpentry Workshop To a 5-Billion Animation Studio


The Hidden Trap That is Killing The African Internet Entrepreneurs


45 lessons learned from my participation to an Accelerator


Sequoia Wisdom for First Time Entrepreneur


World’s First Digital Laser Designed and Built in Africa


300 Good Domain Names For Business in Africa Available for Registration


Free Open Source Softwares for Parliaments, Powered by Linked Hearts


Will 3D Printing Change the World?


The “S” War: How “Social” is Killing “Search”


Democracy of Technology: Make Everybody Equal in Front of New Technologies


In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data


Africa e-commerce: Beyond the Hype


The Danger of Silicon-Valley Driven Startup Mania in Africa


No Noise … 5 billions in Exit Last year


Close the Incubators and Accelerators, Open FabLabs and MakerSpaces instead


The Best & Free 3D Design Apps for Games and 3D Printing


Nigeria to Follow Egypt Example: Switch Government to Open Source


Why Have We Launched The 4Afrika Initiative: Interview with Fernando de Sousa, General Manager of Microsoft Africa Initiatives


Free Project Management and Team collaboration tools for Medium to Big Companies


We Need More Scientists and Engineers: Interview with Dr. Kimani Toussaint Jr., co-Founder of ISTG


SchoolSMS: From 0 to 100K+ in monthly revenues


Top Business Incubators In Africa


Start Your Own African Hacker News, Reddit, Quora, Digg with Free, Ready to Use Open Source Code


The first African ever to sell his startup for $100 Millions, is back with something Bigger


A Week in Africa – by Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google


17 Videos Any Startup Founder Should Absolutely Watch


A Year in Review at Meltwater Incubator in Accra – Ghana


A Year in Review at “CTIC” Incubator in Dakar – Senegal


Facebook Phone Soon Available in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya and more


Massive espionage malware targeting governments: 12 African countries Affected


What Africa can learn from Silicon Valley: Industry Growth Perspective


Money and Technology to boost Africa 1 billion people Health Sector


What Africa Can Learn from Chile’s Policy on the ICT Industry


Top Business Angels And Investors In Africa


Saya Does America


Choosing Your Start-Up Team: Avoid the Dabblers, Kill the Obsessives, Tame the Hackers


Will Nigeria Mobile Money Project beats Kenya M-PESA


Silicon Valley VC Firm to Invest $30 Million Into African Start-ups


Forget IT Startups, Here are 11 Amazing non-IT Startups Founders to Watch in Africa


Forget Silicon Valley — build your startup where you live


The African Spotify, TruSpot is growing so fast, reaching 8 millions monthly


Amazing Speech Technology For South Africa Diversity


From Africa, The first mobile based “Cow Calendar” in the World


The fastest growing Groupon clone in Africa: Dealdey


Three Pitfalls Startup Founders Must Avoid


How Great Leaders Make Their Own Luck


Digital Colonization: Weak Countries Will Be Digitally Colonized!


Why Programmers don’t have a High Social Status






What Africa Can Learn from Brazil’s Technological Industry

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