The Best Political Articles – 2013


“The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” – Steve Biko

During the last 12 months, I’ve written over 100 articles about doing business in Africa. They are compiled in our year-round digest here: The Best Ideas, Resources and Interviews for Doing Business in Africa – 2013

Along business articles, I’ve also dedicated a huge amount of time writing about social and political issues affecting the continent. The 38 articles below are the best of all, and provide absolutely unique insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Enjoy the reading, and thanks for coming here.


The Only Thing Dark about Africa is Your ignorance: Best TED Talks on Africa


Does African Lack Ambition?


The New Rich in Africa!


Africa Top 10 Problems: Not the ones You were thinking about!


Africa Drama: The Working Poor and The Rich Subalterns


I’m Rich, Therefore I’m not Black Anymore – The Oprah Syndrome!


Who is the President of Switzerland?


Kill The NGOs, Chase The Charlatan Experts, Be Wary Of IMF & World Bank


It Takes A Network To Beat A Network


Why Africans Don’t Read, And Why That’s OK!


The Most Disciplined Organization In Human History


Capitalism Without Money!


The Gift of the Mongols to Europe!


90% of Top Chinese Government Officials are Scientists & Engineers


The Scarcity Mentality: Why Europeans Are So Violent?


The Black Man Burden: ~ How Can We Help Europeans Become Less Violent!


The Dark Side of The Western Civilization


In Search of a Black Jesus: Why The White Man Loves so Much Mandela?


Because There Is A War On Your Mind


Don’t Compare My Africa to …


Africans Live On A Continent Owned by Europeans!


African Diaspora: “I can’t go home because there are no McDonald’s there”


Mandela: A Great Fighter Who Lost His Final Battle!


Obama Doesn’t Understand Africa


Why China and Russia Banned Google from their Country?


The Dark Truth About Why South Africa Destroyed Its Nuclear Weapons in 1990


5 Images For the Naive African!


Following Rwanda, Senegal to Replace French by English to Develop the Country Faster


The Best Political Tweets on Africa


The Top 10 Fears of African Diaspora About Africa


The Mosquito Fraternity


Espionage, Stealing and Capitalism: China Just follows Europe and America


The Truth about Africa Immigration: Where do they Go?


The Danger of Silicon-Valley Driven Startup Mania in Africa


Close the Incubators and Accelerators, Open FabLabs and MakerSpaces instead


5 Stars Colonization


Digital Colonization: Weak Countries Will Be Digitally Colonized!

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. – Martin Luther King


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