The Best Ideas, Resources and Interviews for Doing Business in Africa – 2013


Making Africa The Best Place on Earth to Live and Die!

In 2012  Africa became the fastest growing continent in the world with the highest number of new millionaires. There are now more than 100,000 millionaires in Africa and about 20.000 new millionaires will be added every 3 years.

And, over the last few months, I’ve dedicated a  huge amount of time featuring the best opportunities for business in Africa, but also developing methodologies and tools to help young and first time entrepreneurs start their business in Africa.

Here is a summary of the best articles on Doing business in Africa by SiliconAfrica:



100 ideas to Start a Profitable Business in Africa


10 Ideas for Profitable Business Empowering African Governments with Technology


49 Ideas For Mobile Business in Africa


10 Ideas for Profitable Business in Data and Networks Security in Africa





The Prototyper Mind: How Successful Entrepreneur Think


Entrepreneurship is NOT about Innovation, But Commercialization


The God Approach: A Guaranteed Path to Success in Business


Africa: Your Business Should be Profitable in 45 days or Die


45 lessons learned from my participation to an Accelerator


Startups: Prescription BEFORE Diagnosis is Malpractice!


The Best Customers A Startup Could Dream About


How to Launch Your Startup with a Giveaway Campaign


Free legal documents for Startups


Where is the problem?


Sequoia Wisdom for First Time Entrepreneur


A Model to Predict Failure


The Servant Mindset: How Successful Entrepreneurs Think


In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data



Your Breakthrough Goal. The Only thing You should focus On


Old Startup Jokes


No Noise … 5 billions in Exit Last year


Choosing Your Start-Up Team: Avoid the Dabblers, Kill the Obsessives, Tame the Hackers


The Danger of Silicon-Valley Driven Startup Mania in Africa


17 Videos Any Startup Founder Should Absolutely Watch


Forget Silicon Valley — build your startup where you live


Three Pitfalls Startup Founders Must Avoid


How I Keep Getting Lucky All The Time!


The Best iTunes Podcasts For Entrepreneurs


The Best of SlideShare for Entrepreneurs


Africa e-commerce: Beyond the Hype


Africa e-Commerce: The Missing Ingredients


The Best Quora Questions & Answers for Entrepreneurs


Close the Incubators and Accelerators, Open FabLabs and MakerSpaces instead


Top Business Incubators In Africa


Get Funding for Your Ideas: Try Grants and Subsidies


5 Things Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Know


How The Mavericks Think And Hack in Richistan!


How Great Leaders Make Their Own Luck


Nigeria eCommerce Adaptation to Survive: From e-Commerce to Street Kiosk Business!


Forget the Web or the Mobile, Radio is the Biggest Media in Africa



The first African ever to sell his startup for $100 Millions, is back with something Bigger


Uganda Startup SimuSystems Empowers African TV Networks to Grow their Sales with PAY-PER-VIEW app


LazyAppetite, The African Food Delivery Startup With Big Plans


Get real with life: Interview with Alsu Ekinadose Odemwingie, Founder of


Forget IT Startups, Here are 11 Amazing non-IT Startups Founders to Watch in Africa


How MoboFree Went From zero to 2 Millions users in 6 months


Democracy of Technology: Make Everybody Equal in Front of New Technologies


Life Lessons for the Female Entrepreneur


How to Get Ahead with Hard Work and Determination: Interview with Adeyemi Ajao, co-Founder of


A Year in Review at Meltwater Incubator in Accra – Ghana


A Year in Review at “CTIC” Incubator in Dakar – Senegal


My joy as an IT Girl: Interview with Liz Ngonzi, Entrepreneur, educator and speaker


The Black Man With a Tie In Paris: Interview with Said AGBANRIN, Co-founder of Manegere


Saya Does America


‘Don’t get mad, Get better’: Interview with Jon Gosier, Founder of App Africa


Silicon Valley VC Firm to Invest $30 Million Into African Start-ups


The best of Nigerian and Ghanaian films Online with IrokoTV


From a Carpentry Workshop To a 5-Billion Animation Studio


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