The 10 resolutions for All Conscious Africans

Here are 10 resolutions for all conscious Africans.

#1. My children should never have to pay rent for the place where they’d live, because rent is the biggest handicap to unprivileged kids in life.

They’d either inherit a good place from me, or
I’ll pay for their rent if they won’t live in that city.

The money they’d save not paying rent will compound in their savings account giving them unparalleled self confidence.

Real estate is the main capital for middle classes worldwide.

#2. Spend at least two hours every week to teach a skill or a knowledge to your kids.

You can call it “Thursday wizards” or what ever fun name you wish. The knowledge could be about how to make friends, how to match people gaze, how to move in public settings, what is the universe, what is race, why their are poor and rich people, what is money, how to fight, what is happiness, etc.

Those knowledge sessions should extended to walk time in the woods to learn about plants and trees names and virtues, or in the city with a history guide book.

Intentional home education makes all the difference in kids progress in life.

Of course, having fun together with a Sunday movie time, or playing ‘Gasper the friendly ghost’ are also priceless for kids.

Kids confidence grow when they know they are worth the time and attention of their parents.

#3. Learn the basics of patrimony and financial planning.

The biggest trouble of black people worldwide is their financial illiteracy. Therefore, they own almost no capital worldwide.

Make sure yourself, your kids and your life partner understand what is an asset, what is a liability, what is an income from labor, an income from capital, and the difference between income and wealth.

Nice clothes, iPhones, shiny shoes are expenses and liabilities.

Everything that takes money from your pocket and put it in the pocket of another person is a liability. Those things have a purchase cost, and a possession cost.

Cars, washing machines, fridges, home appliances are durable goods. Their worth is mainly in usage with residual reselling values. They are not assets. Therefore, no need to fuss much about them.

Assets are things that put money in your pocket when you are sleeping or spending time on the beach.

The best assets are stocks, equities and partnership in successful companies.

The second best assets is real estate that you are renting or the house you are living in which is mortgage free (already paid off or without mortgage).

Income from labor – unless you are a top manager – is unlikely to create good assets for a family.
Income from assets is the only thing that would give a good start to your kids later in life.

In summary, search for a good seminar or private course on how to build assets or a patrimony for your heirs.

If you don’t manage money, you’d have to worry about money, and that you’d undermine you and later your children.

#4. Join a local organization with ideologies and values that promote human rights, justice, fun or knowledge.

Only stupid people think they are too smart to belong to a group.

#5. Speak your ancestors language to your children at home, and do your best to build up your family genealogy.

Don’t be ashamed to speak your nation language in public, at home, or to your children.
Make sure your children know more about your ancestors history, and what had happened to them until today.

Don’t give the opportunity to the school to be the first to teach him about your history. The School will distort his mind.

#6. Build and leave a home library for your children. Bring them often to bookstores, public libraries, but foremost get at least 200 books on black history, philosophy, art, etc inside your library, and get your children used to lively intellectual debate.

If you are stupid, don’t transmit that to your children.

#7. Make a list of the enemies of our people. Learn more about the ways they are trying to destroy us. Share that list and knowledge with your children, your family, and your community.
If you can, join or organize a community vigilance group, and meet as often as possible to discuss about foreign NGOs threats, vaccination campaigns, food threats, foreign spies and their local allies, etc.

#8. Pledge to always defend your people against foreigners. Pledge never to align yourself with foreign interests at the expense of your community, your land.
Don’t join foreign secret societies. Don’t play in movies that shame or denigrate your own people.
Make it an honor to be always on the side of good against evil.
Be principled. Don’t sell out for fame, magazine photos, or quick money.

#9. Support people and organizations who are helping our communities. Give time or contribute money.
Go to events which build awareness on our causes.
We need guardians and front line soldiers. They deserve our support.

#10. Consume local. Give preference to community businesses, small businesses, support other black people businesses.
They might not be the best now, but with our patronage and kind encouragement, they’d eventually surpass their foreign competitors.
Employ black experts, give preference to locally owned restaurants, shops, food.

The revolution is a revolution of habits.

? Did I forget anything?

#Bonus: Have fun, while doing all above.


About Mawuna KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of, Founder of, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at

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