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60 Startups To Follow In Africa

Logo Silicon AfricaThere are lots of startups that have been created over the years in Africa. Below is the list of African startup companies to watch out for.

Afrigator is a blog directory and a social media search engine designed for people who are interested in blogs, videos, photos and news from Africa developed by Justin Hartman. African Film Library is an online database of African films. < is this link valid? It display nothing? I found something here, but it’s not related to the startup we want to feature: http://wn.com/Africanfilmlibrary Afrinnovator focuses primarily on Eastern Africa and this pan-African tech blog site also provides a platform that aggregates content from several prominent African blogs. Africanpixel is a Kenyan based app developer and is one of the first African firms to develop mobile products aimed for the iPhone market. AmaRadio is a South African based music desktop created and designed by local developer Gary James. Amatomu is an article aggregator and blog search engine that focuses on various blogs that have been published in South Africa created by Mail & Guardian online. Blueworld South Africa’s own social network focused on bringing together African citizens. Chesscube is a chess based gaming platform founded by Mark Levitt in 2006.  The site offers chess training videos, chess play & chat, etc. Encipher is an IT product and service delivery company founded in 2008 and has long been providing IT products and computing solutions for various types of start-ups and large corporate organizations. Freelancentral is a freelancing site that offers an online platform for freelancers and employers. Gatorpeeeps is officially a division of Afrigator but this is an online based

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