TickiAir To Ease Ticketing Stress In Africa.


‘We have toyed around with ideas such as bomb detection app to address Boko Haram’s attacks in Nigeria until we settled on and TickiBus.’ – Felix Tetteh  (Co-founder of TickiLabs).  

Forthnight ago, Silicon Africa sat down with Felix Tetteh, a former product of Ashesi University College in Ghana read more

Should Ghana Sign the Ukrainian-like Deal the EU is forcing on Poor African Countries? The Debate is now Open!

Counter Arguments to IMANI’s “Evidence-Based Support for Ghana’s Government to Ratify the EPA”

I reacted to a report from IMANI entitled “IMANI’s Evidence-BasedSupport for Ghana’s Government to Ratify the EPA” last Wednesday.  My reaction of course drew the displeasure read more

Life Lessons for the Female Entrepreneur

Aside from similar first names, you might be wondering what Anne Amuzu and Annette Tettey have in common. Well, both are fiercely independent women leading their own technology startups in Ghana. Don’t let their introverted personalities fool you, these read more