The Spiky Grass Doctrine: How Small Countries Survive

When I’m alone, I spend some time counting my blessings and scars. One of my biggest blessing is that I have one of the finest ears in the world. I hear very well. I can listen to many layers, and sources of voice simultaneously and digest them in parallel.

When I was a child at school, I was one of the most turbulent kid, a real trouble maker. read more


About Mawuna KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of, Founder of, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at