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DEMO Africa announces shortlist of 40 tech startups

DEMO Africa Final 40

Name Venture Description
eLimu eLimu is an award-winning interactive, engaging and fun application for children in the Kenyan Primary School education system to learn and revise for their exams. We incorporate animations, videos, songs, music, games and quizzes into the content from a leading local textbook publisher. The application can be deployed on any Android smartphone or tablet with 3G or Wireless connectivity in order to facilitate Q&As; with teachers and collaborative learning. In addition to the content of the 6 subjects, eLimu also contains content outside the national curriculum focussed on responsible citizenship and gradually shifting collective behavior towards a more sustainable lifestyle by covering topics such as environmental conservation, civic rights, human rights, community development, agriculture, etc. eLimu hopes to make a significant and positive long term impact on the Kenyan youth by improving their: test scores, cognitive thinking skills, social/environmental consciousness and IT literacy.
iPay iPay is an innovative payments processing solution and payment gateway for Africa. iPay is an easy-to-use payments processing system that incorporates VISA, Mastercard, Kenswitch, M-PESA, Airtel Money, yuCash.
Kuza Mobile Kuza is a mobile, location-based business platform for feature phones that helps buyers and sellers in emerging markets to trade goods and services in their area. Using any one of 6000 supported types of feature phones, a user can create a website, mobi site and business cards right from his phone in about 5 minutes. Our micro-ads, also created right from the phone, are broadcast to an audience in the entrepreneurs’ area, allowing him to reach a wider market. We monetize our product through airtime and micro-payments on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Sasa Africa SasaAfrica, an e-commerce platform that connects craftswomen in developing countries to the global marketplace using simply a mobile phone.SasaAfrica is a social enterprise which connects micro-manufacturers and entrepreneurs to access global markets through our proprietary mobile technology. The technology allows vendors to sell their goods directly to global consumers through their personal mobile phones, despite access to a computer, the internet, & a bank account. Our patent-pending technology leverages existing telecommunications technology and infrastructure to pioneer a completely new marketplace. This new marketplace revolutionizes the way money and goods are exchanged during international trade into a peer-to-peer exchange, creating economic opportunity and increased profits for vendors and savings for consumers.
mKazi m-KAZI is a mass market job search application accessed by mobile phone and online. It allows jobseekers to register their details and qualifications via SMS and receive SMS job alerts. Employers can in turn target candidates on the m-KAZI database who meet their requirements. There are 25 million mobile phone users in Kenya and m-KAZI can be used by anyone with a basic mobile phone.
Mprep Kenya MPrep helps kids learn, review, compete and collaborate through accessible and fun mobile applications. We also give teachers data about their students and help parents stay informed – all on simple mobile tech. Basically, we make it easy and fun for an educational community to communicate and share information.
Evly Software-as-a-Service that can be used by organisations on their Facebook Fan pages & on their own websites to “constructively engage” their fans, community, customers, and employees.“Constructive Engagement” means the organisation can entertain their users, but get business value at the same time.
Gigham Gigham makes it easy to discover, promote & monetize events.
KKYB Productions KOS, KKYB Online Services is an online platform which offers writing and design services online. This gives clients the opportunity to post design or writing jobs online on our website in the form of contests. Designers or writers from all over the world sign up on our site for free and have the opportunity to work on contests by submitting designs or write-ups. Designers get paid for participating in contests and receive an even bigger prize when they win a contest. Clients get to choose the design they prefer from a large variety of designs they receive as a result of the contest.
TaxTIm TaxTim is an online virtual tax assistant who asks you simple questions in plain language one-by-one, then converts your answers into a correctly completed tax return.
Maliyo Games At Maliyo Games, we have a simple philosophy; to share the experiences of everyday African with the world through interactive multimedia content, published for web and mobile distribution.
My Order MyOrder is the easy way to order from shops around you for delivery or pick-up. MyOrder helps you find what you want, when you want it, where you want it – on your mobile phone.
ProWork Prowork, a project management and team collaboration app.Prowork makes team collaboration on projects easy, and it’s available on Mobile ( Blackberry, and Java supporting phones) , Web, and a robust API to allow developers to extend the functionality.Some interesting use cases for Prowork include: Business Project Managers, Software Development, Managing your Personal To-Dos, Planning Events and Sale (Keep track of Tasks and People required to close a deal), etc.As work places are increasingly virtual and project teams today are becoming more and more dispersed, Prowork enables real time collaboration allowing you to stay on top of what’s happening on your projects.
Firestring Firestring is a technology company leading the field of semantic technology leveraging social architecture to radically enhance knowledge management.As a field-leader in Web 3.0 technologies for the enterprise, our customers use our unique Enterprise Social Networking platform powered by the Firestring Social-Semantic Engine, Serendipity. Our customers use our technologies to structure their unstructured information, creating semantic metadata automatically from their document repositories and collaborating in real-time via our private social networking front-end.What this means is that Firestring will find the right information for you when you need it. And, in time, that information will also use our algorithms find you.
Hewani Retail Hewani™ Retail will enable consumers to shop for goods and services, pay for them with multiple payment instruments and keep track of delivery of goods via simple mobile or WEB channels and tools.Consumers will have a simple interface available on USSD, Mobile WEB, WEB, Android, Symbian and Windows Apps. Consumers will have a self care portal to check all past transactions.Merchants will be setup and enabled to allow consumers to buy goods and services in less than one week and across 6 platforms. Merchants will have a self care portal where they can add products, prices, branches etc and see orders and payments from customers in real time.
Kuzima Kuzima allows you as a consumer to shame and praise companies that provide you with services.

Coined from the Swahili word “Kusema” which means “to speak”, Kuzima is the brainchild of Kursor Solutions, a web and mobile applications development company based in Accra, Ghana. The idea to build this website came from the constant frustrations we have had dealing with different companies in different sectors in the country. Especially when we were paying for those services.
mPawa mPawa is a mobile job matching application developed for the blue collar recruitment sector of Africa. It is an end to end recruitment application taking the power of Web to SMS technology and solving the problems faced by blue collar workers in finding new jobs and their employers locating suitable talents.
MTI Support App The newest level in IT Support. With this App, you can get support no matter where you are in the world. It offers support guidlines and can be accessed from your computer, tablet or cell phone.
Mverified The application is a verification tool that can be accessed online, through WAP or GPRS-enabled phones. It went live three months ago.
It can be used to ascertain the authenticity of documents, certificates, and title deeds.
It works by sharing data with State agencies like the Kenya Revenue Authority and the Kenya National Examinations Council.
The new application will reduce the security threats that accompany business transactions and make it easier for users to make informed and secure financial decisions.
The system is free to download as an Android application and can also be accessed online. However, to make a verification enquiry will cost the user Sh600 which is payable through M-Pesa or Airtel Money.
MobiFlock At Mobiflock, we want children to have all the benefits of a mobile phone, while still staying safe. We also want to help parents navigate the sometimes bewildering digital communications landscape to help them protect their children.Mobiflock makes cell phones safe for children by giving parents the visibility and tools to manage their children’s phone use, and so protect them from harm.
OzinboPay OzinboPay is a mobile payment gateway that enables merchants within West Africa to receive and make payments online and offline via mobile Money. OzinboPay partners with mobile money operators within the region to make this happen. With, you’ll never watch TV the same way is a social TV platform that lets TV viewers everywhere discuss around their favorite TV shows, in real-time.For the users, provides additional information and comments around their current TV shows, crowd-sourced from other users, or directly from our editorial staff. Sometimes, we just want other viewers to know how pissed off we are when our favorite soccer star loses a penalty :(For the TV cable companies providing the shows, is a fantastic innovative tool to gather audience feedback and further develop brand awareness.

Let’s make TV more social … Try

mTracker mTRACKER is a menu-driven mobile application that runs on Series40 and Android platforms. mTRACKER enables asset owners; fleet managers, motorists, cargo and laptop owners amongst others, be able to manage the security of their possessions in an easy and user-friendly manner, everywhere from their phones.For fleet managers and motorists, mTracker provides: alarm alerts where owner’s phone vibrates with an alert in case the vehicles alarm goes-off, real-time location tracking by mapping location of the vehicle on the phone using a pointer, fuel analysis, stoppage points and distance covered, engine on/off where an authenticated user is able to stop the vehicle remotely through the selection of the appropriate menu-item, listen-in, SOS alerts, geo-fencing and over-speed alerts. Cargo and laptop owners are able to visually track the location of their assets real-time, on the phone.
Qabila Media Productions Qabila is a media content creator that capitalizes on crowdsourcing and digital media to provide clients with cost-effective content that reaches their target audience, in the most engaging and effective way. We bridge the gap between entertainment and the intellectual need of our target audience; from promotional videos to mass media content, we guarantee that the message of our client reaches the target audience effectively, by studying the audience behavior and adopting a crowdsourcing model that actively interacts and engages the audience to better understand them. We believe we revolutionize the media production industry in Egypt, with a business model that is innovative, effective and most importantly realistic.
CrowdPesa For merchants who need to attract and maintain loyal customers, Crowdpesa is a platform as a service that allows merchants to manage customer notifications and rewards on an intuitive dashboard. Unlike our competitors we allow merchants to target the right customer with the right offer by leveraging on location.
Eskimi Eskimi is a mobile social network to meet new people in Africa. Eskimi grew from zero to 8 million in just over 18 months. Eskimi main markets are Nigeria, Ghana, also growing in other African countries.
ExpenZa ExpenZa, the expense tracker with a difference!ExpenZa takes the hassle out of expense tracking by automating as much of the process as possible.This is done by intercepting the expenditure SMS message sent by your bank and using its information to populate your expense list. ExpenZa can also be used without a bank’s SMS service by manually adding expenses.
Lipisha Targeted at small and medium enterprises, Lipisha enables small business owners to automatically process non cash payments and micropayments such as mobile money e.g. Mpesa or Equity 247, airtime via short codes and card payments e.g. VISA or MasterCard directly to their bank accounts.
Meka Meka is the industry innovator in comparison shopping, price and product reference. Very many buyers/consumers waste a lot time moving from place to place looking for items or simply information about different items they are interested in sometimes without luck. The many times buyers are taken advantage of/cheated because they had no idea what the item costed at the store next door.With Meka, consumers can quickly obtain free and unbiased information about products, services, prices, location, vendors and sellers with ease either from their mobile phones or computers before making a purchase. For the vendors, there is nothing better than getting information about your items straight to the buyer or potential buyers without breaking a sweat. Having online presence without stressing about a website and all the related logistics. Meka platform is made up of a Website, SMS and Smartphone apps/Mobile. There is a huge mobile audience that the vendors now have an opportunity to reach out with ease. With over 14 million mobile users and 4.2 million internet users in Uganda as of end 2011, the audience is huge!
SkillPod Media SkillPod Media is a South African based game solutions provider. The business has a global reach with clients in South Africa, Netherlands, India, United Kingdom, United States of America, Luxembourg, Belgium, Croatia, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and a number of other regions. The primary focus of the business is the development of various online, mobile and social games platform solutions and the development and customisation of games titles for online, Facebook, mobile, including for: Android, Apple iOS and Symbian.
People Input Create African APPs store targeting general public and businesses.
Framework One We do rapid, Cloud-Based bespoke development and business process automation using CloudCore as the development platform.We enable organizations to become strategically agile.
Kivuko Tanzania Online shopping gateway, enabling vendors to sell and deliver products directly to customers throughout Tanzania.
Mlouma Mlouma is a web and mobile service that allows farmers and agribusiness to take best decision of purchase or sale of agricultural products through to the market that we make them in real time.Our vision is to be one of the first African suppliers of mobile and web dedicated to agriculture and the rural zone.Our mission is to connect and provide reliable agricultural information to farmers and agribusiness in real time.
MPayer • MPAYER is a mobile and web application that enables businesses to manage income and expense transactions of the business both Mobile Money(Mpesa, Airtel Money) and also cash. It also helps businesses keep track of customers, distinguish their different payments and generate reports on a real time basis through a mobile phone/ computer.• Think of MPAYER as a tool that helps businesses to view their performance through a mobile phone or computer. This tool helps owners of business to manage and view activities of business including incomes and expenses, performance of various product/services and manages customer information.• Our grand vision of MPAYER is that it will equip businesses with the correct tools that will make them grow in efficiency and grow their customers.
Kytabu Kytabu is a texbook subscription application on a low cost tablet that allows users to rent books on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual timeline on a mobile platform payment plan. Kytabu allows primary and high school students in Kenya to access all the textbooks in the Kenyan Education Curriculum as digital learning material without having to download them on a broadband network. The books all come pre-installed in the subsidized tablet that they can then use to lease the books directly from the tablet, without a mobile network gateway. The entire transaction is done on the tablet. Our target cost of the tablet is Ksh 1000.
Rasello Rasello helps businesses manage better consumer communication anywhere, enabling businesses to better retain and re-engage consumers through personalized SMS communication. Businesses build consumer data, manage multiple consumer groups, gain consumer insights to enhance strategic direct communication.Quick product summary
1. Businesses can send personalized SMS communication to their clients and other consumer groups.
2. Businesses generate larger consumer databases of public people choosing to connect to them.
3. Businesses increase online awareness with public broadcasts which are seen over 3,000 times daily.
4. Business can gain insights on consumer trends and other demographics.
5. People can discover and connect to businesses that keep them updated via SMS
Balefyre  Balefyre is the sole supplier of it’s patented USSDx – USSD over IP server and emDial application with Enriched USSD experience. The end to end solution allows Mobile Network Operators to extend the lifespan of their existing USSD infrastructure while providing their subscriber base a “Smart” application interface to these existing services.
dash2go dash2go is an online service network platform that enables individuals and businesses get services conveniently, from either a computer or mobile phone. We provide errand runners, private drivers, cash delivery, travel bookings, luggage storage, luggage shipping and mobile phone tracking. Mobile phone tracking is an online service that our users access online and use. All the others services are physical so our platform enable users to make a booking and the service is then delivered in the physical sense. .
Virtual Bank A payment service for those without credit cards, bank accounts and those who want a cheaper alternative for remitting money.

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