Should we change the definition of Capitalism?

capitalism-in-questionLet’s candidly ask the question: Should we change the definition of Capitalism?

  • – 100% of Banks receive money from the State to survive or just Print it from thin air!
  • – 70 to 90% of new companies in Europe receive money from government to get started
  • – 70 % of Big companies Research and Development Money comes from States
  • – 100% of exporting companies from Europe and USA receive money from State to help their export
  • – 100% of farmers in Europe and USA get money from state to produce and commercialize
  • – 78% of the economy of Israel is owned directly or indirectly by the Jew State (as shareholders). The same in China!
  • – 99% of the people promoting Entrepreneurship are Employees getting salaries from States, universities, or live from grants and subsidies from governments or foundations.

Is it so hard to make a living from making profit from Business?

The only people who are fully capitalist are the men and women on the street who work hard to pay their taxes the States use to finance the capitalism and free Economy.


For me Capitalism sounds like the Church. The priest says “happy are the poors because they will go directly to heaven after their death”, but collects every week money from the poors to wear gold decorated costumes and drive a Lexus!

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