Saint Augustine, The Black Man Behind the Catholic Church Doctrine

Here is Saint Augustine.
The black man who created the catholic church doctrine.
He lived in current day Annaba in Current day Algeria.
He was a banger. He loved sex, drugs and cheating. He learned sophistry and taught it, but used it mostly to seduce girls he would bring to the local churches to have sex with. He impregnated many of his sex partners but only three children were appointed to him. He loved alcohol and bacchanal parties. Until today he still is the patron of brewers. (Reason why monasteries think God authorized them to make beer).
Then he said one day God spoke to him, asking him to read the bible. After that he changed his life to the one of an austere and rigid bishop.
He masterminded the most powerful and most profound pieces of text which engraved the Catholic doctrine on stone rocks.
The medieval and contemporary Catholic church doctrines are based on the philosophical and religious writing of saint Augustine.
He wrote the first autobiography “Confessions”, “city of God”, “on Christian doctrine” and “Revisions”.
All his medieval depictions clearly show him as a black man, but the Catholic had whitened him since into a white man.

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