Bang-Bang: Genetic Bleaching is Cheaper and comes with More Benefits

The French policy to genetically bleach their black population.   Few decades ago, subtly, imperceptibly, the French government had started a social experiment to decrease the size of its black population by encouraging genetic bleaching.  

Genetic bleaching is, often, an unconscientious choice of spouse with the intention read more

Africa is Taken in Hostage

A friend working in the field of “development” for over 25 years told me on Friday this:   “Africa is taken in hostage by people who have no solution to its problems”.   That’s an accurate description of our current leadership.   He is so disillusioned about the development hubahuba.

About Tutsi and Hutu: Who is Hutu, Who is Tutsi

In Rwanda and beyond, lessons for you.   Tutsi and Hutu are the same ethnic group or tribe. They speak the same language and share the same customs.   They are not two ethnic groups, or two different tribes.  

Before the arrival of the European terrorists in the 19th century, a person could be a Tutsi this year, and read more

Are Africans Stupid?

They are busy copying a model of development, the authors are busy trying to get out from.   Europe and America which are their ideal model, are in contrary convinced their model is in crisis, and are struggling to fix it. They are not even sure how to fix it.   Why the hell, Africans are busy copying a model the authors don’t want anymore, and are trying to get out of?   Are Africans stupid? So stupid?  

The read more

Western NGOs Should Go. The Dark Side of the NGOs Business

China gave us another example of clever leadership.

Yesterday, “the Chinese gov. passed a new law that seriously restricts foreign NGOs and gives police broad surveillance powers over them. NGOs: non-governmental organizations. Think: human rights and environmental groups. Now, about 7,000 of them have to find an official Chinese sponsor and read more

The Devil Dress in NGO

Every time I meet someone who says he is working for an NGO, my back screen goes “here is a crook”.

I have yet to meet a top executive or a manager of an NGO or humanitarian organization who is not either a crook, a pedophile, a double-face, or a straight agent of the Devil.

Don’t believe any of their public discourse and posture read more

Western NGOs and Colonialism: how NGOs help the west start colonial wars, help the IMF and World Bank crush the soul of the poor.

Don’t give money to western NGOs.
Most of the money is used in five star hotels and luxury cars.

Don’t volunteer with them, they will use you to harm people in foreign countries.

If you have a friends working for those NGOs, he is certainly one of the crooks inside the EU/US system, who are destroying Africa.

Most of the white people you read more

Where Suicide Bombers Come From?

Before 2003, there were no recorded event of suicide bomb in Irak.   Foreign soldiers occupying the country has created thousands of Iraqi ready to kill themselves for whatever.   Similarly, since foreign soldiers had started occupying Africa again, suicide bomb is slowly entering the African youth culture.  

When Africans, read more

God Needs Your Money

The church said “the christian God is very powerful. He has created the sun, the moon, the earth, the animals, the seas, but he just doesn’t know how to create money, reason why you have to give your money to God to be able to accomplish its mission on earth”.

I never knew humans have a skill, God had failed to imitate since.

I was read more