More Racism Please

Currently, there is no single African leader capable of uniting Africans worldwide.   However the recent rise of violent and unshamed racism in Europe and in America is doing the job for us.   It’s creating a strong sense of common destiny among Africans worldwide, and also helping Africans to shed their illusions.  

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How to limit foreign influence in Africa?

There is a simple way to effectively limit the influence of external powers in Africa.   #1. The President or head of state has almost no power. (Even corrupted he won’t be able to do anything). His main role would be the unity of the country, and showing his face at dinner parties and useless conferences.  

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How Soviet Union is The reason why You have A better life

Propaganda had made a majority of people to hate the Soviet Union, Communism, etc.   However, without the Soviet Union, the poor and working class of Europe and America would have stayed like they were before the year 1930: cheap labor exploited and left to rot in misery.  

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What is A Race? A New definition

Race has nothing to do with skin color or origin.   A race is a group of people or a population who compete with other groups of people or populations for resource and dominance.   The keyword is “competing” for resource and dominance.  

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Internet in African villages

The usage of the ‘internet’ in the villages here in Togo is strong and growing.   The underlying technology is however Bluetooth.   People pair their phones and share files, and info.   Music and videos files sharing is over 90% of activity. Gossip pictures are also in top. Porn would be successful too.  

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Antivirus for the Mind

Some people are very smart.   They buy and install antivirus, network firewall, malware and spyware on their computers and phones, to protect them against undesirable access and manipulation.   They would avoid clicking on some links or going to some webpages to prevent their computer and phone to be hijacked.  

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Is Buhari Another Mandela

I’m afraid Buhari is turning into another Mandela.

Old and tired men, but power hungry, ready to sell their country to foreign interests in other to access power.

Around the year 1960, Mandela declared “I will be the first black president of south Africa.”

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African Dogs

If there is one single way you can trust to spot a colonized African, it would be the kind of dog they love and the kind of dog they hate.   A colonized African would hate African indigenous dogs, and would spend thousands to acquire and pet foreign dogs.   They’d would throw stones at our indigenous dogs and would be proud to have dogs from foreign lands, and parade with them.  

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Seasonal Things

I’m a fool. I can see April coming   Here April is the middle season A shaky bridge between the hot and the raining sky   Nature would start blooming again.   Birds back to singing and mating Farmers chanting while plowing the softened soil  

May comes keeping people inside the house as the sky spites wet to earth cleaning read more