StartupWeekend Dakar Preparatory BootCamp : « Bridging the gap between IT, agriculture and the Arts »

On march 21st and 22nd was hold in Dakar the Preparatory BootCamp for the 1st StartupWeekend in Francophone Africa, which will take place at the incubator CTIC Dakar from March 30th to April 1st .

This two-day intensive and practical seminar was designed to build a first dialogue between high potential IT engineers and entrepreneurs from the read more

New research: How Africans are using Twitter

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Micro-blogging platform Twitter is growing in popularity on the African continent, with users from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and Morocco leading the pack.

Communications company Portland, in association with Tweetminster, recently released a map of Twitter use in read more

The ICT Landscape in Two African Population Powerhouses: Nigeria and Ethiopia

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Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa with over 150 million people. Ethiopia ranks as the third most populous nation with 85 million. Like almost all African countries (except Seychelles, Mauritius and Libya), they ranked in the lower half of the ICT Development Index as reported read more

IT market growth in Africa

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As Africa transforms, one of the major industries that will lead the way is information communications technology (ICT).  According to Brian Herlihy, Executive Director of SEACOM, “We had a McKenzie report done which showed that the current ICT spending in Sub-Saharan Africa is approximately read more



IrokoTV is the creation of Iroko Partners, a Nigerian company based in Lagos. The company had previously launched an all-movies channel on YouTube (NollywoodLove). In December 2011, Iroko Partners followed up their success with the YouTube channel by launching an all-movies streaming video read more

Herman Chinery-Hesse: “Technology is the only way for Africa to get rich"

Herman Chinery-Hesse is the founder of theSOFTtribe, the largest software company in Ghana and possibly West Africa.

Fifteen years ago Herman decided to abandon his comfortable life in the United Kingdom to prove to sceptical friends what he had always maintained – that his native Ghana was a land of opportunity waiting for entrepreneurs with innovative read more


The Chinese Revolution under Mao Tsetung began in 1949. Since then, China has undergone a massive industrial and technological revolution in the last ten years, after more than 50 years of mixed fortunes in its technological march.

By the 1990s, it was clear that advances in technology in China were producing mixed results, and China still found itself read more


In one of the previous blog posts, we made mention of the BRICS countries. The “I” in the BRICS acronym stands for India. Today, India is almost wholly synonymous with ICT. India’s IT professionals are ubiquitous; you will find them in almost every country, and India’s IT industry accounts for one of its major exports to read more

What Africa Can Learn from Brazil's Technological Industry

Perhaps no country can arguably be said to be the perfect example of how a supposed developing or Third World country has seized its destiny in its hands and confounded all the naysayers in the area of technological development and advancement than Brazil. Brazil has shown in a few short years, that it is not only known for football read more

TOP 30 IT Companies In Africa

In a typical stock market valuation, the company’s worth is assessed mainly using the basic principle and that is the profit the company makes for its shareholders. In Africa however, where there is a different economic environment, the top fifty African companies read more