The tragedy of the African man

Two things happened in recent African history that had completely knocked out the African man. Now, he is at best a confused man, and at worst a man looking for a master to serve, regardless of the cost to him or his community.   The first major event is the transition from a society where children are assets to a society where children are liabilities.   Asset means anything that brings you wealth or revenue. Liability means anything that takes money or wealth from you. Assets make you rich. Liabilities makes you poor.  

In traditional African read more

The plan to crack Nigeria

Contrary to many African countries, the president of Nigeria is usually ‘selected’ by a group of very powerful Nigerian men, all in the shadow, to pursue some specific agenda.   That’s mean a Nigerian president can’t be corrupted from outside to serve foreign interests. It’d be a waste of time because the local power boys won’t allow that especially if that means compromising their interests at home.  

That?s governance model had somehow shielded Nigeria from direct read more

The Best Africa President

President Robert Mugabe is currently the best African president.

The simple answer is because the west hates him. Any African president the west hates means he is doing good job for Africans and refuses to serve foreign interests.

The better answer is that he has made Zimbabwe to the highest literacy country in Africa, the best universities, but also read more

Nigeria Should Control Its Neighboring Countries

France is five thousand kilometers away from Benin, but cares about who will be president in that country and spends years to groom upcoming presidents in Paris, and the ministers.  

They use Freemason lodges, alumni networks, scholarship and grants to exert direct control over local elite and have direct involvement read more

Either you love Africa, or you'd be miserable

You can not escape Africa. Either you love Africa, or you’d be miserable.   Many Africans took American or European citizenship or nationality mainly to be able to travel the world without Visa. (That’s a First world, white people reserved privilege that many Africans wish to profit from by becoming French, Italian or British.)  

But, read more

Never Trust the West, Rules for African Leaders

The west would destroy or try to destroy anything they do not control.   Few rules for our statesmen   Rule#1. Never trust what they say. NEVER. Act like if you believe them or trust them, but stick to your plan and deceive if that is in your state interest. (Check the Chinese doctrine on the art of deception). Naiveté is your weakness.  

Rule#2. read more

The IMF and International Terrorism

Two weeks ago, the French director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) visited two countries in Africa: Nigeria and Cameroon.

For such a high level executive, she spent a whole week in both countries.

Why these two countries?

In sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon are the only two countries with the lowest level of public debt. They are in read more