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A cat for President

The empty bottles make the most noise.   When the cat enters the mice land, it does not go loud saying “a powerful cat has arrived”.   Its presence is felt, it commands a silence due to its nature.   When the lion enters the bush, it does not climb the highest tree to proclaim ” I’m the king of the savanna. Fear me”.  

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Religious Connection to Antidepressants

Without antidepressants people in the west would have revolted already.   From 20 to 70% of people living in European countries take antidepressants.   It’s impossible to go through such a inhumane capitalistic system without getting depressed.  

Even antidepressants are not anymore sufficient to contain people. read more

The Fastest Growing Population in the World

So many people joining the black race.   Constantly having money problems. Poor even when hard working everyday Living in a world of plenty but having nothing   Unheard even when shouting Sex as the only asset left for women Slavery the only condition for men Creative but powerless   Fighting with words a deaf system Admiring people who shackle your kind

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Don't Even Try

The majority of people don’t care about what is the best political system, the best economical system, the party of the president.   Democracy, dictatorship, oligarchy, communism, socialism, capitalism, they just don’t care.  

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About Greed

Greed is when you want more and more of what you already have, while doing everything to cheat or prevent other to get their rightful access to the same things, like you.   The best definition of greed is preventing other people to have access to things you already have a lot, of.   In fact, greed is the cancer of the mind.

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Things you learn from nature

Seeds that fall in the shadow of big trees or bushes, sprout faster. However, they won’t develop to strong adults unless you cut the big trees or bushes they fall under.

Seeds that fall outside of any shadow would take longer to sprout, but are likely to develop faster in strong adults.

BBC: The British Propaganda Channel

BBC is the British international propaganda channel.

It’s a governmental radio/TV and the journalists are employed by the British government.

Many of their senior journalists in foreign countries also act as intelligence assets.

Expecting any independence or credibility from such a media is like trusting RussiaToday to criticize Putin.

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Forward to decolonize our kids minds

Since last year, Togo minister of education has dropped European and alien history from the curriculum of high school, and replaced it with local populations histories.   That’s a small step forward to decolonize our kids minds.   European tribal wars like WWI and WWII are dropped, the same as the history of some countries like France.  

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