Opportunity: Take Stanford University Course on "Technology Entrepreneurship" for Free

$36,000/year, is how much money you have to pay to attend the world’s leading university Stanford. This is not something most of the world’s students and entrepreneurs can afford. So, last year Stanford has opened its doors to thousands of students and entrepreneurs around the world through online free courses.

Only 3 courses have been offered read more

Will Nigeria Mobile Money Project beats Kenya M-PESA

Nigeria has 167 million inhabitants, but there are only 25 million bank accounts. Conversely, the country boasts 90 million phone subscribers (and that figure continues to grow steadily).

Mobile banking in Africa has proved to very appealing to consumers. The best model so far, of a mobile money platform in Africa and in the world, has been Kenya’s read more

Free legal documents for Startups

7 years ago, when I started my first Internet company, I was the sole shareholder. Being a sole shareholder for a first-time entrepreneur in any field, makes you a mediocre entrepreneur, vainly proud, stupidly arrogant, and you uncannily make mistakes that are plain in sight for field tested professionals.

Unfortunately, the moment you decide to have read more

$332,000 worth of prizes for African startups

Starting from September 5, in Cape Town, South Africa, the Startupworld initiative will hold a series of 4 events targeting African startups to include into the worldwide competition. Startup World pitch competitions are currently held in 36 cities across the globe.

It’s the first year the competition is opened to African startups, and the read more

A Movie Project on Africa Best Minds in Tech & Innovation – Needs your support on Kickstarter

“Cheetah Code” is movie project by Jon Gosier, which purpose is to showcase the best and worse of what is going on in Africa’s new creative class and rapidly evolving technology sector.

Here is a preview of the upcoming movie:

Jon Gosier is the Founder of Appafrica, and acts as read more

Forget Silicon Valley — build your startup where you live

“Forget Silicon Valley — build your startup where you live”, is an eye opening post I’ve just read on VentureBeat. It echoes the message I have tried to convey in my previous article: The Danger of Silicon-Valley Driven Startup Mania in Africa

The main message is this:

When it comes to choosing a location for a startup, many entrepreneurs read more

Design like Apple using Touchpoint framework

There is a secret behind any successful product or service. Their designers spent countless hours to fully understand their customers and target market, then steadily and interactively went on to design the product or service that pleases and satisfies these customers.

The main tool to achieve a high level of customer understanding, and design a product read more

100 ideas to Start a Profitable Business in Africa

business-ideas-africaFrom today, we are starting a series of posts focused on ideas to start a profitable business in Africa . We will present them segment by segment. Here are 10 ideas to start a business targeting expatriates in your country.

Overall, our purpose is to simulate your mind, and encourage you to start your next business in Africa.

1. International read more