My joy as an IT Girl: Interview with Liz Ngonzi, Entrepreneur, educator and speaker

This week we are in New York with Liz Ngonzi, Entrepreneur in Residence at Cornell University and Founder of Amazing Taste, LLC.  Liz has a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with a concentration in Telecommunications Systems from Syracuse University, holds read more

The Most Subtle Way to Praise People and Win them Over

As a social activist and team leader, I have adopted in my professional and private life 3 main ways to praise people:

  • 1. Catch people doing something good, and praise them instantly,
  • 2. Praise people in front of other people,
  • 3. Praise people in their absence.

The first one is very effective. It has a tremendous impact on people self-confidence, motivation, and feeling of belonging. Whenever you find someone doing something good, reinforce the action by praising the person in the read more

Digital Colonization: Weak Countries Will Be Digitally Colonized!

The 2012 “Information Economy Report” released today by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) should act like a waking call for all the countries which doesn’t fully understand yet how the digital revolution is rapidly changing the structure of economic and political power in the world.

This revolution creates read more

How to Get From .A to .B: Interview with Lebogang Nkoane, Founder of

This week, we were in Johannesburg, to meet one of the most creative mind in Africa: Lebogang Nkoane. HeĀ is the founder and owner of 2LMN, a media Research and Development Studio in South Africa which has received notorious design awards like The Loeries and The Bookmarks, the Oscar of Digital artists.

Lebogang is also the founder of the “African read more

5 Things Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Know

Being an entrepreneur is difficult. Being a successful entrepreneur is even more difficult.

As we gear up for the 2nd Accra Startup Weekend taking place this weekend (November 16-18, 2012) at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, the question on read more

LazyAppetite, The African Food Delivery Startup With Big Plans

Started 4 years ago,, a food-delivery startup in San Francisco has now more than 150 employees, covers more than 850 U.S. cities, gets more than a million unique visitors a month, and will generate more than $150 million in sales by the end of the year 2012.

The food delivery market is growing, and fast. In Europe, Berlin food delivery startup read more

Show Up Early: Interview with Voury Ignegongba, founder of "Africans in Boston"

This weekend we were in Boston, Massachusetts, to meet one of the most connected African community leader there: Voury Ignegongba.

Voury holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, speaks English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Mundang. He grew up in 4 countries (Cameroon, Mauritania, Niger, Mali), and have read more