10 Ideas for Profitable Business in Data and Networks Security in Africa

only-the-paranoid-surviveSecurity is a huge issue in many African countries. Opportunities for business are endless here: from physical security to helping African governments protect their data from hackers and foreign spies, You’ll receive 10 ideas to start a business in this segment.

#1 Security conferences & Evangelism

It’s the easiest idea of the list, but it’s the most important. Security read more

Massive espionage malware targeting governments: 12 African countries Affected

Kaspersky Lab Experts just released a report about a Massive espionage malware targeting governments around the world, including 12 African countries affected. The most affected country in Africa us Uganda. Here’s a link to the full paper (part 1) about our Red October research.

According to the report the large scale cyber-espionage campaign read more

Social Medias Swipe file: 51 Messages to Customize

No serious sales person does write on the fly a sales letter and send to his customers or prospects. Some sales letters would take weeks to be written, reviewed and tested before mailing.

To rip the benefit of the social medias, it’s also better to prepare your status update messages well in advance, before you post them on Facebook, Twitter read more

Sample Letters To Use On Linkedin to Build Relationships Faster

Just got my hands on  these 3 awesome scripts written by Melissa Giovagnoli to help build relationship faster on Linkedin.

Melissa is also the author of the best selling book “Networlding: Building Relationships and Opportunities for Success”.

Here are the 3 scripts:

1. Sample Invite Script for LinkedIn

Dear _________,

I came across your read more

5 Stars Colonization

The moment you check into a 5 stars hotel, your life instantly becomes different. You receive a push button to get instantly what you. A 5 stars hotel would include oversized marble or granite bathrooms, double vanities, electronic drapery controls, surround-sound,  state-of-the-art health clubs, luxurious spas, gourmet restaurants, butler services, read more

What Africa can learn from Silicon Valley: Industry Growth Perspective

The story of the beginnings of Silicon Valley and its transition to where it is today is an example of how what seemed like adversity was transformed into something that has become a major driver of a country’s economy.

The area known as Silicon Valley in the US is located in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. Silicon Valley is a read more

Money and Technology to boost Africa 1 billion people Health Sector

[content_block id=799]On October 28, 1992, my mother died in my father’s car on the way to the closest clinic. She was bitten by a venomous snakes while seeking woods in the bush to make fire and cook food for us.

For many people living in rural areas in Africa, the nearest hospital could be many days’ journey away. In emergency cases read more

What Africa Can Learn from Chile’s Policy on the ICT Industry

Africa and South America are often classified together as developing continents, but in the area of technological advancements and innovative developments using home-grown technology, Latin American countries seem to have made a lot more progress than their African counterparts. In many areas especially healthcare, alternative energy and in the ICT read more