That Good Promise You Should not Take

Any system or ideology with the promise to protect you from the chaos of life, its uncertainty and meaninglessness, will predictably end up abusing you.

We all know what happens to animal living in a zoo. They are exploited to earn the money necessary to maintain them in captivity.

Zoos are good, but there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Build yourself read more

Africa seasons

We have a situation. Africans are importing climate seasons!

In West Africa, following our seasons cycle, our ancestors set the months of December, January and March as the vacation months.

During those three hottest months of the year, there is no farm work, but only the period for funerals, festivals, circumcision, initiation ceremonies, weddings, read more

Vodun Tourism

My country wants to promote tourism, which means attract foreigners to visit Togo and spend money here.

After lot of deliberation, the only feature they found that attracts the most tourists is Vodun.

Indeed Vodun festivals attract thousands of people to Togo. Also traditional ceremonies when our people perform our traditional dances, pray to the ancestors, read more

If Only…

If only… About 3 years ago, the government of Togo forbade the exportation of maize. The decision was motivated by the need to curb speculation on this basic food and reach some level of food sufficiency. Maize is at the base of over 70% of food consumed in Togo. Togo still export maize, but under case by case authorization by the government. After 3 years of such a policy, the results are in. Togo has now an oversupply of maize, and food became cheaper and widely available. The country has to build new public storage centers all over the country to deal with the increase in production and oversupply. Then it dawns on me. Isn’t it the same strategy China applied to its currency to become an economic superpower? As maize is strategic to Togo development, the same is its currency. Putting the same restriction on currency export might lead to the same phenomenon we are observing with maize: cheap currency, high availability and circulation of currency for local trade, leading to a stimulus for local goods production and trade, and afterwards ability to strengthen export capabilities. I’ve heard that Africa development problem is very much a problem of courage to take tough and unpopular decision in the short term but more beneficial in the long term. I remember well when the government took the decision some time ago, lot of people were unhappy. The maize experience in Togo is very much revealing. Food became so cheap and so available that we are now facing instead an obesity issue, specially in the South. Funnily, in the same time we are facing a shortage of currency supply in the economy to boost trade and entrepreneurship. Why not to try the maize experience, or copy the Chinese model of tight capital exit control to boost currency availability in the local economy? The control of capital flow might be something we should consider. * Definition of the poor (person or country): The poor is not he who doesn’t have money, but he who does not know how to keep money.

Whitening Africa one Marriage at a time

If you are white girl looking for men from good African families, well educated, with access to influence and affluence come to West Africa.

You’d enjoy a princess life if you are patient enough to choose from the abundant choice of men you’d have once you land here.

The dream of the West African elite is to become white. Your Kids would read more

Boris Yeltin Alcoholism in Africa

Yesterday a man died on the street.

He was out with an old buddy, drinking. They enjoyed the best spirit in the world : Sodabi. They just over drank a bit, and we’re surprised by a big rain, while on the way back home, singing to the ghosts of the city.

Now, it’s the raining season here. The deceased man body was not able to balance his read more

The woman who can’t have kids.

This is the story of a beautiful woman who had repeatedly failed to have a baby for many years.

She is really beautiful and her husband dream was to have with her the most beautiful kids in town.

Both have tried all ways but unsuccessfully. It became a shame for the woman as here in Togo, a woman without kids is considered a useless tree without fruit read more

Drink it Away

The people know what is going on

It’s often that I’d go spend time at some of the most unlikely places in the world, chatting with some of the most hopeless and destitute people, those kinds capitalism calls the necessary poor needed by the system to work.

Very often our broken chats lurk into territories I used to think are the exclusivity read more

The Deep State. What is a Deep State?

Do you know what is a deep state?

The deep state is a network of individuals who are neither elected nor in any official position but use their wealth, social status, and threats to compel elected state agents and officials to submit to their direct authority, will and influence.

Often there are up to seven levels of separation from the individuals read more

What Panafricanism has in common with Christianity or Jesuanism

Panafricanism looks like Christianity to me.

Jesus said he came for the bad people, the criminals, the thieves, the liars, the corrupted, the evils, those who had been lost to the devil.

So if you want to know who are the bad people, the thieves and criminals in your city go to the nearby church. The top criminals usually sit on the first read more