Africa Languages Renaissance Project

Here is a situation.

Folks would say there are 2000 languages in Africa.

They say so, not to celebrate the beautiful diversity of the African culture, but to promptly justify the fact that we Africans need to keep colonial languages like English and French in our daily life.

First let’s say that the 2000 languages mark is very much misleading.

Bantu, read more

How many People we need for a Revolution?

European renaissance, about 20 crazy people
American Revolution, a dozen
Chinese revolution, a dozen
Meiji, a handful
Korean transformation, few army generals
Haiti revolution, two or three unstoppable.
Ethiopia resistance, a queen with a king.

Change is not a popularity contest.

The majority of people just bend to power. Once the wind change they read more

Why Does China has its Own Wikipedia?

Did you know that China has its own Wikipedia?

It’s called Baike.

Baike has 6 million articles, while the Chinese language of Wikipedia has only 940 000 articles.

The English language Wikipedia has 5.7 millions articles. A little less than Chinese Baike.

Beyond that, China has plans to launch in 2018 its own international version of Wikipedia, read more

The battle to control Africa future

The battle for control of Africa future is in full swing.

One of the top field of contest is the control of our legal system. It’s called legal warfare.

The Europeans are currently investing a lot of money into the African Justice systems. They finance the construction of courts, reconstruction of old justice buildings, and invest in formatting read more

Become Rich in Africa before Total Lock out

I’d like tell the African Diaspora that the window of opportunity for getting rich in Africa from corruption and collusion is closing and moving upward.

This means you’d have to work 10 times harder to get what you want.

In a capitalistic society, becoming rich depends so much on the ability to make above market profit, access insider deals, read more

Ghana Immigration Corruption

For once I have to be honest.

I hate going to Ghana.
I hate the whole Ghana experience.
I just want to vomit hearing the name Ghana.

This morning I was crossing the south west border between Togo and Ghana.

And, what did I saw?

Ghana immigration officers running after travellers in the bush, while it was raining. They arrested about 7 people and brought read more

Comment on Ghana One ‘District One Factory’ Project

When I was in Accra this week I heard about an ongoing debate about a government policy called ‘one district one factory’

Not really sure if that’s the official name of the policy but it’s said it’d require Ghana to use 5% of its currency reserve to invest in this policy backed by a Chinese governmental bank which would read more