Tribalism is the Solution

Tribalism is the solution.

What is your tribe?

The white tribe is defended by racism.

The Chinese tribe is defended by the great firewall, confucianism.

The Indian tribe is defended by Hinduism.

The European tribe is defended by Christianity dogma and the European Union, capitalism and pseudo democracy.

A tribe is exclusive. It excludes foreigners unless read more

Love for Our Leaders

What naive Africans don’t know is that the pervasive negativity, distrust, criticism against our own governments in Africa is a geo-strategic project financed by Western governments to separate us from our institutions and leaders.

France spends almost 300 millions euros for that propaganda every year, and the UK about 600 millions euros.

Separating read more

No to Interracial Marriage

Something I noticed with wealthy white people, Arabs, Asians is that they don’t do interracial marriage.

If you want to see rich and affluent people go to top vacation destination in winter or summer.

They have large families and travel in clans.

African Diaspora in Europe: Your future is in Africa

For the African Diaspora in Europe , the future is in Africa.

Europe has never produced a single black billionaire.

All black billionaires are from Africa or America.

I wonder if there are even black deca-millionaires in Europe.

All black Nobel prize winners are either from Africa or America, except one.

Worst, the small number of Africans who achieve read more

The people know what is going on

It’s often that I’d go spend time at some of the most unlikely places in the world, chatting with some of the most hopeless and destitute people, those kinds capitalism calls the necessary poor needed by the system to work.

Very often our broken chats lurk into territories I used to think are the exclusivity of the self appointed panafricanists read more

Pests Control

Don’t Get Involved.

This year a worm is destroying the field of maize of farmers here in Togo. In many places the devastation is important. Farmers are worried, and the government is wishful to help.

In face of the devastation, I noticed two reactions, almost at the opposite.

The first group is made of the ‘educated’ farmers doing read more

The priest and the talkative woman in the church

It was a Sunday. The small Catholic church in our area was full. The young priest was buoyant.

He paraded the aisles of the assembly with his long white robe, condemning the sinners, the thieves, the liars, the prostitutes, the money lovers, the sex and alcohol addicts, asking them to confess and repent immediately, or suffer eternal condemnation read more

Why Africans are so Naive?

Chinese are Good. African naiveté would be soon added to the Guiness Book of Records.

Every year the Chinese government gives thousands of all expenses covered, plus stipends, traveling scholarship to Africans officials, experts, civil servants, military officers, students to visit China, where they attend seminars, visit high tech companies, are read more

Media planning for Mugabe Death

The death of the African hero and great leader Robert Mugabe is expected in some time.

In order to trash him, and destroy his legacy, the top western propaganda medias like the BBC, CNN, RFI have already started preparing trash documentaries, false claims reportage, and hired a network of echo Chamber experts, journalists, listeners/viewers comments, read more

Obesity in Africa

There is a rapidly spreading disease in Togo affecting mostly adult males.

It’s called ‘malus pregnantus permanentus’ or adult males looking pregnant with protuberant belly, outwardly extended, but with no expected delivery date.

Fat, big belly, instead of being of matter of shame or malnutrition, is quite often seen as a sign of read more